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Why Botox Is for Anyone and Not Just Women

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We live in a world of stereotypes. We hear about something and immediately a specific group of people comes to mind. In the case of Botox and the world of cosmetics, any time we hear anything about this topic, we immediately gravitate towards women.

To some extent, this makes sense since the majority of the patients who visit cosmetic clinics and get Botox are women.

But this stereotype has changed drastically. You will find countless men who go for cosmetic treatments. They get treated with all kinds of lip enhancements to volume restoration with the dermal fillers.

These hyaluronic acid based gels are especially popular at this moment since they allow patients to get measurable results that they are looking for. In rare cases when fillers get displaced or just don’t look right it’s very easy to dissolve dermal fillers, which means that even the smallest nuisance that occurs contrary to the plan during the procedure, can be fixed right away.

Men have also been trying a lot of treatments as a result of how versatile and safe they have become. And because of this, the stereotype that cosmetic treatments are mostly for women has largely been proven wrong.

How Botox Become the Top Dog

Now saying “top dog” is a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, Botox is very popular, but there are other treatments that have just as much fame. The difference is in the name. You hear Botox everywhere; on the news, in social media, in blog posts, and in interviews. While the name is mostly used as an umbrella term to describe cosmetic treatments as a whole.

But the actual Botox treatment has also made quite a name for itself. There are several reasons why people find it so appealing and why it attracts thousands of patients, both male and female, to cosmetic centers.

It’s Minimally Invasive

This may not seem as important now, but that is because you do not fully understand what minimally invasive means for cosmetic treatments. There are many cosmetic treatments out there that require cuts and incisions to be made in order to produce results. This is not to say that they are any less effective or more dangerous than Botox, but they do have their disadvantages.

With every incision there need to be stitches made, which need to take time to heal. This does not seem all that bad at first, but when you consider the fact that you will need to wait for weeks for it to heal, and all of a sudden, the concept of getting treated seems a lot less appealing. With that recovery time, there are also side effects, most of which may be distracting, and some may be downright painful.

All of this is avoided with minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, and many other popular ones like dermal filler injections. You will simply need to get through a few injections and be happily on your way out of the cosmetic center and back to your normal way of life. No waiting, no painful side effects, no post-treatment care; you get treated and leave. That’s all it takes. 

This does not mean that Botox doesn’t have any side effects; it does, they are just nowhere near as severe as more invasive cosmetic treatments out there.

Botox is Very Effective

If you look at some before and after photos of the Botox treatment you will notice a huge improvement in both the male and female patients. Now, the wrinkles will not go away entirely and they are not supposed to. That would make your face look plastic and artificial. Instead, the Botox injections deemphasize the wrinkles and make your face look younger without taking away from its authentic appearance.

For men, Botox works wonders as most men tend to have wrinkles that they have overlooked for many years only for them to become very distracting. It is very common for many to get very wrinkly, oftentimes even more severely than women. Not to worry, however, as this is completely natural and there is nothing wrong with having more wrinkles.

It is a natural part of life for skin to get saggy over the years and you should at no point feel bad about how you look. But it is also natural for people to get self-conscious about their wrinkles and other age marks since so many of us fear the concept of growing old. Botox helps lull this bit of anxiety as your face gets more vibrant and fresh, with the wrinkles smoothing out to the point where they merely accentuate the face, as opposed to overwhelming it.

Availability and More Importantly Accessibility

For decades Botox was seen as a treatment only for those rich celebrities and public figures; those who could afford the privilege of looking younger. This notion is not exclusive to Botox but in general to many cosmetic treatments, from a common lip filler treatment to body sculpting. Nowadays, however, this is simply not the case. Botox is widely available to patients all across the country, especially those who live in a major metropolitan area. 

So availability is no longer an issue since there are so many practitioners working all over the country. Then the problem is not as much about availability and is more about accessibility. Sure, there are many practitioners now, but what’s the difference if they are hard to find and are not financially viable for patients who come from an average financial background.

Botox today is more accessible than it has ever been. Men and women all across the country get treated for a price that suits their budgetary preferences. No one is going to call Botox a “cheap” privilege, but it is still much more affordable. It is simply a matter of finding a practitioner that offers the kind of pricing model that suits you.

So let’s toss all the stereotypes aside and focus on changing our mentality towards Botox and what it is capable of. Botox is not just for women; men nowadays have just as many opportunities to get treated as women do. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with men getting treated. Everyone, regardless of gender or sex, has a self-image which they want to uphold. If wrinkles are not a part of this image, you will naturally want them gone.

And nothing can get rid of them better than Botox.

In New York, Skinly Aesthetics is one of the select medical clinics, where botox injections are artistically administered for naturally looking results.


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