Ever thought about buying Instagram followers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms used around the world. Every year the number of users keeps growing and growing since its launch in 2010.

 It started out as a place for people to share their photos, able to edit them with various filters. It added more features in the recent years such as multiple images in one post and 1-minute videos. 

The huge popularity of Instagram has piqued the interest of businesses too. After all, what business would want to be where their market is? This has birthed the growing number of influencers online and being able to put a person out there as a business may mean popularity and money.

For whatever reason you would want to increase your Instagram followers, there is a faster way to do this and hit the ground running – BUY them! 

Here’s why:

We know it pays to be popular — but building a following can be a long and tedious process. 

With buying followers, this is not an issue. You have an instant audience, ready to listen to what you have to say. You can run your promotions as soon as you are ready to post! Let’s say if you are a kickstarter that needs funding for their next project, it would be great to have an audience already present to help and share!

When you gain followers, more people are likely to follow. Commonly used hashtags related to your content will garner likes from those within and even outside your following. Out of curiosity, people check out what others are liking and following. When you use the hashtag #puppies on your post, everyone just checking to see puppies on Instagram will see your post too!

Your increased online presence is important to your market and your other potential markets. More followers will show that you have a reputable and legitimate brand. Meaning, future clients are led to your website. 

Being social and active on Instagram keeps your followers informed and creates openness to your brand. Allowing feedback will give immediate awareness to know which direction to take to improve the brand. Followers might ask more questions about your promotions through comments under your post and responding to these publicly will demonstrate how your brand is eager and engaged with their followers. Creating this approachable vibe will welcome and entice more comments and interactions with followers!

When you reach 10k Instagram followers you can then attach links to your stories! Instead of saying “Check the link in bio” you can directly link to photos, videos, or any site. Stories provide a great real-time and frequent post strategy for your brand so you can stay on top of mind especially if you have a single-week running promotion!

Did you know that the highest paid Instagrammer is Cristiano Ronaldo? He hit it big with £38.2 million last 2019! Collaborating with top influencers or other related businesses to promote products, services, promotions or campaigns will allow you to introduce your brand to new followers from those influencers or businesses. Thus, new markets will open to you! 

Setting up a shoppable Instagram so followers can easily reach your products has been a great addition to Instagram’s recent features. Isn’t that awesome? You are able to turn your followers and your non-followers into buyers! 

Your post is instantly an ad! As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And it is true! Whatever language your follower has they can immediately understand what your brand stands for. Even if you have a caption that has a different language from theirs, this is easily translated into their own language.

You can consider your followers your own personal advertisers! They will talk about your brand to their friends, their families, and their loved ones, therefore, increase the traffic to your Instagram or to your website. Their trust in your brand extends to those who mean the most to them!

Being on top of what is trending will help you create and publish relevant content bringing further attention to your brand. Trends help bring in new followers and build familiarity to your existing followers.

Speaking honestly, it will cost less than your time and efforts. Having an immediate audience will get you right where you want to start this is how buying followers is effective. It will save you from the time and energy spent on just growing followers where you should already be focusing on what you know best — your brand.

With so many great benefits to buy Instagram followers, there is no reason not to try it!


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