Top 8 Football Accumulator Tips for 2020
There are many ways to make a successful bet and using football accumulator tips is one of them. It is about having a bet that consists of various selections and, in order to win, all selections must also win. One of the advantages of doing the football accumulator tactic is that it gives a huge return because of its long odds.
That being said, here are some key pointers to consider in pulling off a successful bet through the football accumulator approach.
  • Check the statistics of the team you are betting on

Statistics of each football team are more accessible these days since most of them can be found on the internet. In knowing their standing, it can help you choose more accurate bets. Through these data, the probability of winning and losing become more visible, giving you more power to anticipate the outcome.

  • Know how to compute the accumulator odds

A great way to increase the precision of your bets is to calculate the returns which, in turn, calculates the success rate of your selections. Using the following formula, you can easily predict the odds of a bet:

1 X (2/1 +1) X (3/1 +1) X (5/1+1) X (8/1 +1) = Total Odds.

While the above equation is valuable, there are websites that help beginners compute the odds automatically.

  • Choose a reliable source for your predictions

Some websites offer predictions over football matches. Such are very useful in identifying which teams would be victorious based on historical data. However, you must be careful in choosing your resources as some follow false algorithms and risk misinformation.

  • Just like in Online Casinos

The rules in casinos and in betting games are somewhat similar to each other. The things that you should avoid when playing online casino include not maximizing tips you get from betting and odd prediction sites. Much like in an online casino, all the decisions you make in betting should be supported by concrete and factual data; otherwise, you will end up with inaccurate predictions.

  • Research, research, research!

This tip not only applies to the football accumulator tactic, but in other games you wish to win in as well. They say that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail—and one of the main recipes if planning is research. Learn how the game works and strategize your steps in betting based on previous studies and practical applications. Knowing the weakness and strength of the team you are betting on, for instance, plays a key role in winning the bet.

  • Choose one and stick to it

There are different types of Football Accumulator Tips that you can follow, and this can be overwhelming to some. For you to further study a tip that can let you win, you have to focus on a certain tip before exploring other variations.

  • Be updated

There are a lot of matches that can happen in one day, which is why it is important for you to keep yourself posted with the statistics of each team. Every piece of information you will get is crucial in finding the perfect bet. You can try to subscribe to newsletters and football websites to keep get the latest news about the sport.

  • Filter information

A lot of statistics will show but it is a must to know if such data are credible. Remember that in order for you to win you need to have strong justifications as to why the bet you made would win.


These football accumulator tips can guide you in placing your next bet. There are several different tactics, strategies, and approaches out there that can help you win, but it is also important that you pick the one that best fits you.


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