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At Home Because of Corona? 5 Creative Tips to Pass the Time

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In order for the corona virus to spread as slowly as possible, normal life comes to a standstill. Schools and universities are closed until at least after Easter. Bars, clubs, museums, cinemas, gyms and sports fields are also closed for the time being. In short: staying in is in, and that’s right.

But where to with all the time in your own four walls? So that the ceiling doesn’t fall on your head, we have a whole series of valuable employment tips for you – let’s go!

# 1: Play together

If you live in a shared apartment or your family also hangs out at home: get Monopoly again, people don’t get angry or a card game out of the closet. When else is there an opportunity to sit, play and laugh with everyone around the table? And if you live alone: You can now play many board games online against other players. Call your best friend and play a game together while talking on the phone, or try your luck at the lottery with sites like

# 2: Sport? Can also be done at home

It is particularly bitter for active athletes to stay at home. But that is no reason to blow the affliction, because sport can also be done at home. Would you like an example? The Chinese runner Pan Shancu from Wuhan just continued in quarantine – he easily ran a whole marathon distance in his apartment.

It is not known whether the good guy got a decent worm and can no longer walk straight, but his action is always inspiring. Of course you don’t have to go that far (in the truest sense of the word). A few daily exercises on the yoga mat or a small workout do the same. You don’t even need any additional equipment besides your own body.

Tip : An online search for “workout at home” gives you lots of ideas 🙂

# 3: “Visit” digital events

The stupid thing about the Covid 19 situation: Now you have exceptional time to watch sports events on TV – and everyone is canceled. Competition operations are suspended worldwide from the Champions League to the NBA. Formula 1 drivers such as Lando Norris simply competed against normal gamers and eSports enthusiasts in digital racing games after the race was canceled in Australia. The whole thing can be seen online for free – a trend that is sure to be imitated in other sports as well.

Concerts are currently taking place in a very similar way: Instead of canceling them entirely, artists now perform in front of empty halls or even in their own living rooms and broadcast the whole thing in a live stream. Thanks to the chat function, you can often exchange views with other viewers. It’s not the same as going to a concert, but it’s also really cool – just give it a try!

• Upcoming live stream concerts ( Rolling Stone, English )
• Recorded livestreams from the Elbphilharmonie
• Arte Concert – concert recordings

# 4: Get creative or learn something new!

Maybe you also enjoy being yourself. Use the time to do what you have n’t had the time to do. You wanted to draw again for a long time? Have you had this idea for a screenplay or a novel for ages? Do it because if not now, when?
Just as valuable: something new to learn! With portals and apps like Duolingo or 50 Languages, you can refresh your language skills or learn a completely new language at no cost , without pressure and at your own pace. At the ZDF school replacement program and at Planet Wissen you will find exciting short videos and small documentaries on various topics.

By the way, you will find plenty of interesting information about alcohol on our YouTube channel . And YouTube is also an inexhaustible source of knowledge with tutorials and how-tos for all (in) possible activities from knitting to DIY. So you can pass the time and at the same time sneak up on yourself – a classic win-win situation. 

# 5: Who is alone should not be lonely

Being young and healthy is a privilege, especially now. Therefore: If you are not one of the corona risk groups, help older or sick people in your area. For example, you can do some shopping for them or pick up medication from the pharmacy so they don’t have to go outside and maybe get infected. Everyone you offer help will be very grateful to you – also because they will no longer feel left alone.

By the way: Grandma and Grandpa are guaranteed to be happy if you call them and take the time to talk to them for a longer time. Being close (if not physically) is now at least as important as usual. It is also a great opportunity to show them how video calling works.

Most importantly, of course, is that you take care of yourself. If you feel alone, you shouldn’t fight your loneliness with alcohol. This does not help you, but is unhealthy and can quickly become dangerous. Do not give scaremongering and fake news a chance and help friends, family and acquaintances if they fall for false reports.


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