5 Steps to Create a Customized Wall with Wallpics Photo Tiles

Do you want to customize the walls of your house to make them look completely and uniquely yours? If so, then you need to try Wallpics. The innovative app that helps you create your own photo boards. And, while there are a wide variety of décor items you can use, photo boards showcasing your personal happy moments are without a doubt the best items for customizing the walls of the house.


Wallpics has become extremely famous worldwide because they are wallet-friendly and stylishly designed boards that make your favorite moments look extra special. Putting up these square tiles is a sure way to illuminate the walls and amplify the elegance of the interior design.


Wallpics are even considered to be landlord-friendly walls décor items as they do not require putting a nail in the wall. Their photo boards make elegant wall decorative items that make the entire space look aesthetically stunning and hip. Here we have rounded up 5 steps to creating a customized wall with Wallpics. These steps will enable you to create the walls that enhance the beauty of your home.


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  1. Decide on the Location

The very first step to creating customized walls with Wallpics requires you to decide the location. In order to keep the interior design in sync with the wall décor, it is essential to check the location where you can stick the stylish photo boards. Pick a bare wall with a good location. It could be any or all of these areas, living room, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, children rooms. Either way, it is crucial to pick a spot with a good focal point.


Take the wall color into the consideration and the surrounding furniture before moving on to the next step. To be able to create an aesthetically appealing wall décor, it is crucial to decide the bare wall that you would like to dress up with these memorable photographs.


  1. Create a Story

Once you have decided on the location where you would like to put these awesome photo tiles, you should start creating a story. Try to segregate the chapters and moments of your life and then make up your mind as to which photographs deserve the spot on the gallery wall. You can either decorate one large bare wall with the pics capturing all the favorite moments of your life or use the walls all over the house to showcase multiple stories.


For instance, most couples like to display their marriage stories on the bedroom wall. On the other hand, people prefer exhibiting pictures of the prominent personal moments and fun family trips on the walls in the common area. For the living area, you can go for family portraits that add character to the entire space. Create the story you want to tell with Wallpics before moving onto the next step.


  1. Select the Photographs

The next step is all about picking the photographs for creating photo boards. Discuss it with your family members and decide which photographs showcase the happy stories of your life in the best way. If you want to try a minimalist approach and go for something that is equal parts classy and elegant, then you can select black and white pics.


On the other hand, if you wish to try something bold and bright, then choose vibrant and bright colored photographs. The presence of such photographs on the walls creates a beautiful focal point. Before singling out the photos on your phone, you should also take the wall color into consideration. Most importantly, make sure to pick the pictures that are high quality (at least 800 pixels). On the Wallpicsapp you can also select the part of the picture that you want on the board. You can even handpick 3 photos to create a collage that would make a fabulous wall décor.


  1. Place the Order


Once you have handpicked the pics you want to decorate your walls with, you will have to place the order. If you do not have Wallpics app on your phone, you can download it for free from Apple store or Google Play store. Proceed by uploading the selected pictures on the app.


Enter the shipping address details and make the payment. Usually, Wallpics takes around 48 hours to process and ship any order and less than a week’s time to get it delivered in the USA. Wallpics also has international shipping, though it may cost extra depending on the country you are ordering from. The delivery services of Wallpics is excellent and reliable, just sit back, relax and receive the order within a week.


  1. Decorate the Walls


The last step is undeniably the most important one as it involves putting up the photo boards on the wall to create wall décor of your dreams that would make your interior space look cozy, personal and complete. The pic tiles from Wallpics come with stick pads on the back that are covered with a protective layer. Whether you want to use the boards to create vertical or horizontal wall décor art, it is best to decide it beforehand. Remove the protective layers and stick the tiles on the board.


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If you want to create something hip and eye-appealing, you can try DIY wall décor ideas and enhance the visual appeal of the wall. And, in case you are not happy with the location of the Wallpics, you can always unstick them and stick them on the wall of your liking. As these tiles are easy to move around and their superior-quality stick pads last for years.



With just a few steps, you can effortlessly create a gallery wall with Wallpics that showcases some of the most incredible moments of your life. Wallpics are exceptional and low-budget decorative items that can make bare walls look completely personalized and fabulous. Get them today to make the walls of your home look luxurious, hip and customized. Make use of the bare walls and fill your house with memories worth going back to.




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