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When to give an eternity ring?

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The term eternity implies timelessness and the prospect of things lasting forever. That is why the ring that denotes everlasting, eternal love for one’s significant other is called the eternity ring. The idea of a ring that symbolizes eternal love dates backs to 4000 years. Among Ancient Egyptians, husbands used to give a ring to their wives as a token of love.

This idea has evolved over time, but the main concept remains the same.

What is an Eternity Ring?

The word eternity denotes infinity, i.e., no end and no beginning. A circle represents this context accurately, as it is without any end or start. That is why eternity rings used to be a simple band of metal sporting a stone.

Then these rings came with a pattern of a snake swallowing its own tail, making a circle and symbolizing eternity. The ring was worn on the left hand’s third finger, which according to Greeks contains the vein of love that is directly linked to the heart.

The modern eternity ring is more sophisticated, exquisite, and without any snake swallowing its tail. It features a circle of diamonds on a metal band. These diamonds can be small or large. The band is usually adequately wide, but some rings have relatively wider bands.

Eternity rings are usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger atop the engagement ring and the wedding ring. However, many women wear it separately on the right hand. It is not worn alone atop the wedding ring, as they have a similar outlook and may exude monotony.

Types of Eternity Ring

Also known as an infinity ring, an eternity ring contains a precious metal band (gold or platinum) with multiple gemstones lined in a circle. The common gemstones used in eternity rings are diamonds. These rings are of two types:

Full Eternity Ring:

In this ring, the diamonds cover the entire band by circling it. The diamonds have uniform cuts in this design. The type is more coveted because of its aesthetics and enhanced sparkle. However, it is an expensive choice because the diamonds cover the full circumference of the band.

Half Eternity Ring:

In this ring, diamonds only cover the upper half of the band. These rings not just look good but also come easy on the wallet. They are also more practical, as full coverage of diamonds makes the ring heavy and makes it get stuck, especially when it comes in contact with the fabric. Moreover, it is a better choice if you plan to stack it with the wedding and engagement ring.

Buying eternity rings from Dubai

If you have decided to buy the eternity ring from Dubai, you are right in doing so. Diamond shopping in Dubai is more interesting, economical, and convenient. You have a plethora of choices because of the extensive presence of jewelers in the metropolitan area and that too with a whopping price difference. Here are a few tips to have a wonderful shopping experience:


Many people do not know that you can haggle with the jewelers in Dubai. In fact, you can bring them down to at least 40 percent of the original price.


Always buy from the jeweler who provides reliable certification with the jewelry items.

Be Strategic: If you are running on a tight budget, you can reduce the price of the eternity rings by choosing small diamonds (low carat weight), eye-clear clarity scale, and eye-white color quality. 

When Do You Give an Eternity Ring?

Traditionally, an eternity ring is given by a husband to his wife to show his love for her. While the ancient Egyptian husbands did not give it on a special occasion, now these rings are given to mark an important event. Diamond eternity rings are given to commemorate an important milestone in the marriage, like having a tenth wedding anniversary or the birth of a baby. Some husbands also choose it as the first anniversary gift.

There is no hard and fast rule here. Any event that is memorable and significant can be celebrated by giving this beautiful ring. There is no harm in giving this ring on the first anniversary, but it would make your tenth or fortieth anniversary more special than the first one. Traditionally, a fortieth anniversary deserves a ruby eternity ring while the sixtieth one deserves to be commemorated by a diamond eternity ring.  However, in modern times, diamond eternity rings are the best gift for the tenth wedding anniversary.


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