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6 Unique Wedding Suit Colors Every Groom Should Consider

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A bride’s yes-to-the-dress gets a lot more publicity than a groom’s meet-cute-with-a-suit. “You’re so lucky you just have to show up in a suit,” grooms will hear from their fiancé as she agonizes over whether she should pick a semi-sweetheart or an illusion neckline. She’s accusing him of having it easy, but she’s also suggesting his options are a bit boring. Tuxedo vs. regular suit. Black, gray or navy. 

But the common assumption about a groom’s limited options is a misconception. Grooms have a whole world of color available to them. And we aren’t just talking about mixing in a tie that complements the fuschia bridesmaid dresses. Read on for some fresh ideas about suits for grooms.

1. White Suit. Don’t Be Lazy About It, Though.

It’s still gauche to wear a white dress to a wedding if you aren’t the bride. To be absolutely clear, those rules don’t apply to the groom. Show up in a white suit (or even a white tuxedo) if you’d like. You aren’t upstaging the bride you’re matching up with her for life. It’s the same principle behind those wedding ring sets for him and her. Just make sure you are properly coordinated. If you think that a white suit is just a bland absence of color, you clearly haven’t been to one of those wedding dress outlets with separate rooms for ivory, champagne, bright white, etc. You don’t have to see the dress itself. But some fabric samples might give you better results for any outdoor photographs and a heightened appreciation for all the work put in by your future wife and her style braintrust.

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2. True Blue. Like for Real.

Sometimes, matchmaking is about contrasts. That’s why black and navy suits have always been so popular because they really pop next to a traditional white dress. They are classics for a reason. Now, many of these navy numbers are so dark that you have to read the tag when you are trying to grab the right set of suit pants out of your closet. So if you want to be a bit bolder, especially in a spring or summer wedding, go with a brighter hue of blue. It will still stand out against the wedding dress, 

3. Flip the Floral Flair

Grooms often stick with more straightforward suits to provide a backdrop for the accessories identifying them as a member of the wedding party. Boutineers. Ties that match the bride or other groomsmen. But what if that was flipped? What if the suit itself was part of that eye-catching coordination? Why not switch things up? It worked with breakfast-for-dinner! Have you settled on a beach wedding? Don’t just button a flower to a workmanlike tan suit. Consider the kind of vibrant colored suit or floral tuxedo that looks like it was spun from a flower itself. 

4. Lighten Up for the Long Haul

One consideration when buying a suit for your wedding is whether you will ever wear it again. You’ve already got a range of suits in gray, navy, black and tan. And you’ve been going to a bunch of fancy outdoor functions (especially in the last year plus). So wear something that will be comfortable at your own wedding and won’t look out of place next time you are sweating through an unexpectedly fancy patio brunch event. Don’t worry it’s not as likely that the groom at the next wedding will be bold enough to wear pink. If you aren’t brave enough to go for pink yourself, lean towards a lavender linen.

5. Fall for Fall. Yeah, We Hear Ourselves.

Spring flowers aren’t the only seasonal suggestion on the menu. Consider falling in line with fall, which is a big deal, apparently. No matter how much you spend on a wedding suit, it probably isn’t much more than what some people will spend on pumpkin spiced beverages. Not to mention you just locked down the venue at a discount and stumbled across a selection of affordable men’s wedding rings. In other words, if you’ve always wanted that red chambray suit or an autumnal tweed, but feel like you never had an occasion to buy it, this is that occasion. And then not only will you get a chance to wear it, you can bend the wedding decor in the right direction to give your dreamsuit its natural habitat. There is someone selling decorative gourds nearby. We promise you.

Source: Viorel Sima/

6. Anything in Velvet

Speaking of treating yourself, nothing says treating yourself like velvet. If you enjoyed the decadent feeling you got when you were tasting cakes and sampling wine, keep the party going with a wine-colored velvet suit. Or chocolate. Or burgundy. If it feels like something you’d see included in an over-the-top honeymoon suite, well, that’s the idea. Mull it over. Mmm. Mulled wine. Surely there’s a suit that captures a mulled wine vibe?

Maybe you grew up staring at your parents’ wedding pictures on the mantel and wondering what prompted your dad to wear a suit with so many… ruffles. But then, your fiancé pointed out the way your mom is looking at him like this crazy guy with the doofy mustache and the far-out style choices is the only man for her. Buddy, you’re one of a kind. Your suit should be, too.



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