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Here’s how to style an Air Jordan 1 Properly

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Although sneakers have been around for a long time, the sneaker culture that we have today didn’t really begin until the mid-80s when we saw the release of the Air Jordan 1; Michael Jordan’s first signature sneaker.

Several decades later, the Air Jordan 1 keeps getting bigger, with the Jordan brand constantly adding new colors to the existing OG colorways like the Shadow, Bred, or Royal that plenty people still love. It is not uncommon to find 60+ colorways of the Jordan 1 released in a single year.

The Air Jordan 1 is the perfect definition of sneakers for many people, although we can’t leave the black Chucks or the white Air Force 1s aside.

If you want to stand out and look stylish with an Air Jordan 1, this post is for you.

Should you go Low, Mid, or High?

Unlike the opinion many people have held onto, all height (low, mid and high) of the Air Jordan 1 are popular these days, even though the OG Air Jordan 1 High is still leading the pack.

However, some persons still haven’t gotten over the diss with the Mids, so watch out for those ones.

You want to go with Air Jordan 1 low for a relax summer? Match it with the right clothes and you’re good to go. 

The New Colorway or forever OG?

Many purists find it hard to accept a number of colors because they’re not OG and Michael didn’t wear them.

However, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re sticking with the OG colors or you’ll explore the new colorways available.

If you’re with the younger crowd, feel free to choose whatever you think is cook after some research.

Also, it never helps to explore some history to find out the story behind the one you’re getting.

Tight or loose laces?

While some persons would rather lace their Air Jordan 1s up to the highest point and tie them tightly, some others would choose to go loose.

If you want to go loose, leave the two eyelets at the top unlaced to create some space for the tongue to move. It also ensures that the under part of your trouser can rest on it comfortably.

The fact that the Jordans come unlaced means you can explore several ways to lace them, provided they look cool and are not too tight to restrict blood flow at your legs.

Get the right pants to show them off right

Your choice of pants can make of break your style when you’re rocking the 1s.

If your pant is too baggy, it might take the shine off the shoe. If it is too tight, your feet might look extra large.

The perfect option is a medium tapered pants that sits comfortably on top of the tongue. It’s a great idea to get a Denim with a slight stack, although you must ensure it doesn’t have any excess length that can ruin the style.

Elastic cuffs can go, but only unless you’re putting on sweatpants. This might also be the right time to shove those khaki and denim joggers into your closet.


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