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Every Other Thursday Releases New 2024 Line

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On Feb. 15, a new line of apparel drops from Every Other Thursday, an avant garde and groundbreaking company that is much in demand from fans all over.

Incredibly, the new releases will sell out quickly, a company spokesman says, so grab em while you can.

They are introducing the Double Snap Hoodie, your new Fall/Winter essential.

Crafted with a passion for vintage aesthetics and an eye for timeless design, the Double Snap Hoodie is more than just a piece of clothing—it’s a nod to the classic comfort and rugged durability of the past, reimagined for today’s fashion-forward individuals. Inspired by the cozy sweats of yesteryears and designed with a generous hood and heavyweight ribbed cuffs, this hoodie promises not only warmth but a style statement that stands the test of time.

Taking cues from the vibrant and dynamic era of the ’80s athletic gear, they have redefined the conventional with their innovative double snap closure at the neck. This unique feature not only adds an extra layer of warmth, keeping the chill at bay, but also injects a dash of retro charm to your everyday ensemble.

Proudly milled and woven entirely in Canada, their commitment to quality is unwavering. They believe in creating garments that not only look good but feel incredible to wear and last for seasons to come. That’s why the Double Snap Hoodie is crafted from 100% fleece-back cotton, offering a plush, comforting embrace with each wear.

In their pursuit of excellence, they’ve transitioned to using 400 gsm heavyweight combed fleece. Unlike the traditional carded cotton, combed cotton boasts longer fibers, ensuring that your hoodie not only withstands the test of time but also gets softer with each wash. It’s a garment that truly gets better with age.

Available in three versatile shades – heather grey, navy, and brown – this hoodie is designed to seamlessly integrate with any wardrobe, reflecting a refined yet relaxed aesthetic. The slightly oversized fit offers a contemporary silhouette, while the embroidered script logo on the chest adds a subtle touch of elegance, distinguishing the Double Snap Hoodie from the rest.

The Double Snap Hoodie isn’t just made in Canada; it’s a piece of crafted excellence, waiting to become a staple in your fall/winter collection. Experience the blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication today. Rediscover your love for the classics, redefined.

Meanwhile, the cashmere logo knit sweater is a must-have for your closet.

Last year they introduced the Intarsia Logo Knit Sweater. Now they are bringing this hit piece back with a new 100% cashmere yarn. This yarn gives a beautifully soft feel and drape. After production, they put these through a special washing technique that creates a slightly fuzzy hand feel, making them even softer and more luxurious. As with the previous iteration, they chose to wrap their classic script logo across the body using a traditional intarsia technique, making this a true statement piece for Every Other Thursday.

And finally, a cap that any man can wear with confidence, the Ripstop Geese Logo Snapback. After a year of development and dozens of samples, they have finally created their perfect unstructured snapback. Inspired by their favorite vintage hats with a mid-crown, cotton ripstop fabric, and full embroidered logo. These fit slightly bigger than their previous hats, making them more suitable to the majority of people. These hats come with a flat brim out of the box but they suggest giving them a slight curve to your liking.

Every Other Thursday is more than a brand; it’s a promise of quality, comfort, and style. 


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