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How to Match Your Men’s Jewelry with Your Outfit

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For most men, jewelry can be quite a complex and confusing territory. The power of jewelry sends signals about a person’s commitments and status in society. The tiny pieces have a substantial effect on people’s opinions on an individual. 


Different settings require a special kind of jewelry to match the occasion. For instance, you wouldn’t wear the same type of accessory in a gym as you would at a black-tie affair. You need to shop for unique accessories for each event, and with the right piece, you can achieve an extra layer of flair, class, and individuality. 


Here are guidelines on how to match your jewelry with your outfit.


Match Metals


Metals should match metals. If you are wearing a watch and a necklace, make sure they match. Keep their colors in the same tone to get a refined fresh look. 


Earrings, though small, are easy to see. To keep your look neat and fresh, match your earrings to your tie clip. If you are not in a tie, match the earrings with your watch or belt buckle. The watch usually sets the stage for other accessories. 


Rings sit near your watch, and they should match. You can mix them to some extent, however. For instance, your wedding ring can be different from your watch. 


Apply the same concept for metal necklaces or other accessories. If you are wearing suspenders, match the metal to your watch.


Gold is a warmer color, and it goes well with browns and earth colors. It comes with different tones and a broad range of lightness or darkness. Silver is like polished stainless steel and more neutral. It may pair well with black or dark gray clothing for a timeless, sleek look.


Copper and bronze are bolder than gold or silver and match better in more casual outfits. Precious stones should be at a minimum. A single-colored stone on a ring is enough; otherwise, it may seem gaudy.


You also can be creative and show your uniqueness with metals such as pewter, which convey ancient ties. For example, if you want to display your heritage, you can opt for subtle pewter pieces, like a coat of arms badge or clan crest brooch like the ones supplied by The Celtic Croft.


Match the Formality of Your Watch with Your Outfit


Your outfit, including your jewelry, should be consistent in its formality.


For many men, the most common item of jewelry will be a watch. Analog watches are more formal and classic, which makes them appropriate for formal events. They feature the hour and minute hands and markers or numbers displaying a 12-hour day. 


Digital watches, on the other hand, are casual. They have an LED or LCD showing time in numeric form. There are different categories of watches made for specific purposes.


For a black or white-tie event, simplicity is vital. A simple classic dress watch with a plain black or white face and a simple leather band is suitable for such an event. 


For a business setting, ensure your watch is not the focal point of a business meeting. A dark conservative suit can go well with a simple classic thin dial gold or silver watch.


For activities involving many physical movements such as sports, go for a sturdy strap watch. You can go with bright colored straps, camo straps, or whatever goes with your style. Just remember to keep the activity in mind.

Bottom Line


Any piece of jewelry can be a great complement to your outfit when worn correctly. The trick is to find pieces that do not look feminine. You want jewelry that is stylish and masculine. The accessory should consist of materials and colors that are conducive to your outfit and the environment. Remember that less is more, and the goal is to complement your outfit, not distract from it.



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