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How To Bring Out Your Personality in the Clothes You Wear

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Dressing sense, preferred brands, and favorite accessories project hidden aspects of how the wearer thinks of themselves, the image they wish to project, and how they view the world. You will be surprised to know that how you dress on a particular day reveals your moods. At times, the reverse is also true. Looking good raises confidence levels and helps you feel in control of every situation.

Read ahead for some clues about the facets of your personality reflected in your clothes.

Understanding Color Psychology

Wearing blue shows balance and calm, while wearing black exudes the aura of professionalism and reliability. If you’ve chosen to wear yellow for the day, you’re likely feeling optimistic, happy, and energetic. You can also pick colors according to the impression you want to create. You’d wear orange when spending the weekend with friends to show off your outgoing and fun side. However, when you’re trying to snag the next project, wear charcoal grey for the presentation. You’ll project a practical attitude and the ability to fulfill your commitments.


Customizing Clothes

Bring out your personality by designing your own clothes. If you’re good with graphic designing, create a pattern around a slogan or phrase that defines your personality. Get the design printed on custom polo shirts, zip-up hoodies, t-shirts, hats, or pants, and sport the apparel with pride. You’ll upload the graphics to the website that takes orders. After selecting the base color, you’ll add other details like the placement and type of printing, such as direct-to-garment or digital, screen, or tackle twill. Get the clothing delivered to your doorstep and get ready to step out in styles that are as unique as you.


Accessorizing Your Attire

Accessories for men are, undoubtedly, limited when compared to the options for women. It is always advisable to avoid chunky rings, bracelets, and necklaces. A good branded watch with a leather strap and your wedding ring completes every look. Though, a tie-pin or lapel pin can add a formal touch to a tuxedo. While on the subject of accessories, consider getting swallow tattoos that symbolize nautical skills and stand for the strong bonds that soul mates share. You can also get a swallow inking to signify overcoming your hardships and coming out a winner.

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself and feeling relaxed in your skin is the one facet of your personality that shines through any outfit you choose. Whether it is casual shorts, tees, and flip-flops, a white shirt-jeans look for an informal lunch date, or loungewear like sweatpants – you can pull off any style as long as you feel comfortable in them. Your clothing should fit well, so make sure you choose the correct sizes or find a local tailor who can resize the apparel to suit your body structure.

Clothes and the particular styles you sport on any day say a lot about the person wearing them and how they think and feel. Make a statement with the apparel you choose and wear it with confidence.


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