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The Best Hairdressers in London Are Hiding in Plain Sight

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Here’s everything you need to know about spotting them.

Finding the right hairdresser is like finding the right estate agent or therapist. You know that this person is not only going to make a profound difference in your life, but their skills and attitude are defining characteristics of what is about to shape your future. Finding a good one isn’t necessarily difficult— but finding the absolute best can be really hard. A hairdresser that is up-to-date with styles, cuts, and colour. Someone who is also personable and warm. The elite knowledge and sage wisdom of hair care and colour care. All of these things without breaking the bank. These are just a few of the traits that the best hairdressers in London have, and we’ll tell you how to find them. 

Finding a Great Hairdresser in London

Finding the best hairdresser in London should be pretty simple, right? After all, it is one of the global hubs of fashion, renowned worldwide for the impeccable style and sophistication of the city’s inhabitants. Just take a peek at any of the London Street style and you’ll soon see why this city has become known both for its fashion forward clothing, as well as the cutting-edge hairstyles for all genders and identities.


When it comes to registries, because they’re not yet compulsory, these certifications may not mean as much as one would hope. Finding a registered hairdresser can often lead you to a tangled headache of frustration, solely because despite the outcry for mandatory registration by the Hair and Barber Council, many good hairdressers aren’t registered, and many terrible ones are. So, you’ll need to consider a number of other factors before choosing your next salon.

The thing about finding the right hairdresser in London is that all the best ones follow similar guidelines when it comes to available styles, management groups, salon function, and perhaps most importantly— legacy. You see, the best hairdressers in London aren’t new. In fact, many of them have decades of service and skill under their belts, upholding the incredible legacies of the salons they represent. Some, like Charles Worthington, have become a trusted name in both hairstyle and hair care. All because they have been serving their communities the latest and greatest hairstyling techniques, cutting designs, and hair care products for years. 

Which is something that can’t be bought or advertised, instead it has to be earned. This is how you know you’ve found the best hairstylist, because they come with a CV that is well respected for a reason. Legacy shops also rarely hire anyone who isn’t perfectly qualified to best care for their customers— protecting both the Salon’s reputation and their client’s image.

Hairdressers Covent Garden

Hairdressers in Covent Garden seem to follow the same basic guidelines as hairdressers in other parts of London. Always remember to look for a salon that hires only hairdressers that are ready to listen to you and take time to do a proper consultation. More than that— a trip to the salon should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Which really becomes a key point when considering salons in this area. That’s because there are a number of incredible salons that focus not only on providing great haircare, but also on the overall client experience. 

Which is another consideration that all clients should toss into the ring when they’re looking for a lasting and great salon experience. It’s important to like the environment that you’re in, almost as important as trusting your hairdresser to help you make the best choices. Which is where scheduling a consultation before getting that cut or colour can really help. Consultations that are booked in advance of an actual hair care appointment can not only give you a better sense of the salon and the hairdresser you’ll be working with, but it also gives you and your hairdresser the time necessary to get to know one another. Consider discussing things like:

  • The hairdressers experience and qualifications
  • Celebrity and fashion hair trends you enjoy
  • Your wardrobe and makeup colour palette 
  • Your skin tone and any allergies or sensitivities you might have
  • What you expect from your ideal salon
  • What the salon expects from their customers

All of these things are vital to discuss with your hairdresser before you plan on doing anything with your locks. It’s often best to book a consultation a day or more before your actual hair appointment, so both you and your stylist can better prepare and think about your upcoming new ‘do. 

Hairdressers Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia, an up-and-coming area near the fashion hub of London’s SoHo district, is an amazing place to choose your hairdresser and favourite salon. Whether or not you live in the area. This is because of Fitzrovia’s thriving arts and culture, making it simple to create an entire day of luxury for yourself. Stopping to get your hair done just before getting to show off your new look at any of the area’s amazing eateries, vintage pubs, or even a theatre.

More than just housing a thriving social scene, the area is also incredibly safe and clean, with stunning turn of the century architecture and some of the best salons in London, including a Charles Worthington studio. Which can really make it the ideal place to spend the day and update not only your style, but your whole attitude. 

Still unsure about how to find the best hairdressers in London? Ask around! If you see someone on the street with an amazing set of locks— ask them who they see. Or head over to Instagram from some incredible inspiration and testimonials. In a pinch and still unsure? Schedule a blow out or a quick evening style appointment with a salon you like the look of— if their mastery fits what you’re looking for, you’ve found the best hairdresser in London!


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