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How To Dress For A Night At The Casino

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Attending a land-based casino is a real event and it’s not only about gambling. Players have a chance to dive into the atmosphere of fun and entertainment, make friends with people from all over the world, and, of course, boast their outfits and accessories.

You probably know that casinos don’t approve players in shorts and sandals, so it is important to know how to dress appropriately. From this article, you’ll learn about different dress codes and will know for sure what to wear to a particular casino.

Where to start

Before you rush to the wardrobe and start pulling out the suits and ties, it is necessary to find out whether a casino has a dress code and if yes, what particular type. While some venues have strict dress codes, others stick to more casual styles. You should also find out what the casino’s atmosphere is. Some venues follow a particular theme. For example, the 50s or 80s, Ancient Rome, and so on. Just imagine how uncomfortable you’d feel in a tuxedo if the chosen casino advertises a popcorn buffet.

After reading these lines, some of you might think that choosing an outfit is too complicated and time-consuming. Yes, you are partially right: it is much quicker to enjoy PaysafeCard online gambling that doesn’t even require having a bank card! But still, land-based casinos have their charm. And if you decide to continue reading, let’s share the most popular dress code styles.

Sophisticated style

It is probably the most wide-spread dress code in modern casinos. A sophisticated style is a great option for those who are on a business trip or don’t want to attract much attention. Choose one of the following items to be admitted:

  • Dark trousers, pencil skirts
  • Blouses, shirts of plain colors – blue, grey, white
  • Heels or classic shoes

The fabric should be stretchy but still sophisticated, so the cotton won’t work. You are not required to wear a tie. The socks and shoes should be of matching colors.

Novelty style

This dress code is gaining momentum and we have no doubt that rather soon it will be extremely popular in most casinos. At the moment, you can find novelty styles in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It gives players a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd because it is all about a big statement. You can dress up like a Great Gatsby character or the 70s dancer. You can also use a boa or a floor-long evening dress with rhinestones. However, this style is not that popular among men because they prefer something more traditional.

Casual style

Nowadays, more and more casinos switch to a casual style simply because many players don’t want to bother with purchasing outfits. If you are lucky enough and can stick to a casual style, here are the elements to choose from:

  • An evening shirt/dress
  • Chinos or khakis
  • A skirt and a blouse
  • Smart boots or heels

Don’t forget about accessories

One of the best ways to have a great outfit that will impress everyone is to use appropriate accessories. Most land-based venues are all about glamour, so you can use accessories to the maximum! Match purses and bags with scarves and shawls, and don’t forget about good-looking bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. If you are attending a casino with a sophisticated dress code, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some personality, so use a few diamonds or a bright scarf. Form your outfit as if you are heading to the opera!

Even though the process of choosing accessories for men may be more challenging, you can still play with cufflinks, rings, and watches. If the dress code is more casual, you can choose different colors for bowties and socks to make your image more individual.

You should always feel comfortable

There are many styles and dress codes, so you have a chance to find the one which you like the most. Moreover, each style has enough room for creativity and choosing a suitable option. However, the main key to success is to feel comfortable. Most likely, you are going to spend at least several hours at a casino, so it is better to choose clothes that won’t distract you from the game.


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