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5 Tips For Looking Fashionable on a Budget

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Looking through fashion magazines with a modest income can start to feel frustrating when you look at the prices attached to clothing.  With some items ranging as much as several thousand, you may begin to wonder how you can even come close to pulling off a fashionable look while on a budget.


However, style isn’t about how much you pay for clothing, but how well you can pull off a look.  There are plenty of ways to make your outfit look much more expensive than it actually is by using some of these tips and tricks.




Even the most humble of outfits can turn instantly glamorous by adding some accessories.  Give your look a pop by pairing something with it that will make you stand out.


If you’re wearing something even as simple as a white t-shirt and distressed jeans, you can bring it instantly to life by wearing a gold necklace or chunky watch.


Fedoras are a great way to transform an outfit from casual to upscale instantly.  You can have fun with accessories by mixing and matching in ways that make you feel like what you’re wearing costs much more than it actually did.


Anticipate The Sales


Timing is everything when it comes to finding a good deal.  Make sure that you know when the sales are and get there before everyone else.


One great way to get the insider scoop is to ask ahead of time when the store anticipates their next sale.  Usually, they’ll be able to give you a rough estimate. You can plan your savings around it so that you have a good amount of money to spend to get the best deals.


Buy Second Hand


There’s nothing wrong with buying something that’s been gently used before.  Even though some people may be under the impression that purchasing something used makes it less valuable, sometimes “used” items were hardly ever used.


All that second-hand means is that someone previously purchased it, and perhaps never even wore it. As they say, one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.  Don’t be afraid to wear something that someone didn’t want just because you assume it isn’t a great piece.


Wear a Statement Piece


Wearing a bold piece of fashion can bring your whole look together in a single statement.  When your outfit is centered around a strong item like a flashy belt or a stunning pair of shoes, it’s clear to onlookers that you aren’t afraid to take big fashion risks.


Just make sure that you don’t wear too many statement pieces together.  Otherwise, you run the risk of your ensemble looking too “busy” and imbalanced.


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