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Best Dressed: 2018 NBA Awards’ #SwagWorthy Athlete’s graced the red carpet

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All eyes were on the The NBA Awards as hardware was presented to the athletes with the best performance in their designated fields. More importantly, the fashion was out in full force as well. To be the best, you have to look the best.

Let’s just take a moment to recognize that the footwear out that night was fire! Everything from bedazzled Christian Louboutin hightop sneakers, to Tom Ford suede york chain loafers, and even a clean and classic white low cut sneaker from brands like Common Projects and Balmain graced the red carpet.



Jumping right in, here’s our list of the most stylish outfits for the evening:


10. Baron Davis

Baron Davis - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine

Baron Davis with a look that’s cleaner than fresh sheets. This casual look is elevated with a fully buttoned shirt, gold chain, and clean white sneakers. An injection of youth for the veteran player.


9. Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Ben Simmons, the 2017-2018 Rookie of the Year, sporting a sharkskin grey suit with wide lapels while donning a gold chain, a black crewneck, and matching sneakers. A perfect blend of old school meets new kid on the block.


8. Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Donovan Mitchell, the runner up in Rookie of the Year voting, doesn’t shy away from the spotlight with a chili red suit, open collar shirt, and Christian Louboutin sneakers. If you ever need a dose of Swagger, it’s coming from this guy.


7. Chris Paul

Chris Paul - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Chris Paul keeps the red suit trend going but with a more reserved take. A clean tee and a pair of white sneakers to provide a complimenting backdrop to the red and black-patterned suit. Point God, in action.


6. James Harden

James Harden - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
James Harden, your 2017-2018 NBA MVP, certainly looked the part with a beautiful floral print on a tonal brown overcoat, paired with matching pants. Finishing off the look with a black top, sleek dress shoes and a gold medallion. Long Live The Beard.


5. Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Victor Oladipo took home the Most Improved Award, but his style certainly needs no improvement. A beautiful silver-on-black floral print suit with a traditional black bowtie and tuxedo shirt. Matching gold watch and chain, gold stars all around.


4. Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert - - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Rudy Gobert, aka The Stiffle Tower, won this year’s Defensive Player of the Year honors. Although a titan on the less glamorous side of the game, his style definitely isn’t lacking. Matching a black shirt with Gucci loafers and a Louis Vuitton belt, the centerpiece of his outfit is the eye-catching hot-pink suit. DPOY Certified.


3. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Eric Gordon with a super-trendy dark violet tuxedo jacket. Keeping everything else traditional with a tuxedo shirt, black bowtie, pocket square and trousers, is a smart move considering the boldness of his blazer. Sharpshooter.


2. PJ Tucker

PJ Tucker - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
PJ Tucker, the unanimous Sneaker King of the NBA, lets us know why he is a man not to be messed with. Wearing a suit with nothing underneath is the hottest trend of 2018 and Tucker has absolutely nailed it with this red double-breasted ensemble. Finishing it off with a pair of tinted shades and an exquisite pendant, he is our best of the best for the evening.


1. Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma - NBA Awards 2018 Best Dressed | SWAGGER Magazine
Kyle Kuzma brings some Los Angeles glamour to the NBA Awards red carpet with a shawl-collared bedazzled purple blazer and gold medallion on top of a black top and trousers. Even when off-duty, always representing the Purple & Gold LA Lakers.


The ten most #SwagWorthy gentlemen of the evening, each with their own distinct flair. Who do you think was best dressed at The NBA Awards? Let us know in the comments below!


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