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DexShell Gloves: The gloves you didn’t know you need!

Sailun Tires

Having a good pair of gloves are important for many occasions. Some people may want a reliable pair when they are working in their yard or at their jobs. Others may need a good pair for the great outdoors. Then, there are people who want a fashionable pair of gloves that can survive the elements.

DexShell gloves offer all of the above and much more.

These gloves are:

  • Waterproof: They keep your hands dry even in the harshest storms or in the deepest bodies of water. Whether you’re handling a rainstorm or your job involves you getting your hands wet, they have you covered.
  • Windproof: The biting wind can do a number on your hands, especially during the wintertime. Their gloves are windproof so that they remain nice and snug no matter the elements.
  • Made from the finest materials that will keep your hands warm and will last you a long time. These are not cheap gloves that break down after a few uses; they are designed to withstand your lifestyle.

They don’t offer just one type of glove, either. They have a glove for every occasion.

Some of the different gloves they offer:

  • Hunting gloves: When you’re trying to hunt for deer, waterfowl, or other game, you’ll want hands that blend in with your surroundings and keep a good grip on your gun. They offer hunting gloves that will help you get your kill.
  • Gloves for the wilderness in general: Explore Australia without worrying about hurting your hands in the process.
  • Gloves that are designed for sports: Cycling, weightlifting, and other sports that involve keeping a firm grip on something. Their gloves look stylish for the occasion and are reliable, providing maximum flexibility for whatever you need it for.
  • Work gloves: Your job sometimes needs some tough gloves that will help you get the job done while keeping your hands protected from all the dangers that work gives it. Their work gloves can last you for a long while and keep your hands safe. With so many workplace injuries caused by not wearing gloves, you can’t afford to have a cheap pair.
  • Fashionable gloves: When you’re outside during a storm or other cold conditions, you may want a pair that looks great and keeps you protected. Their gloves are available in many different colors and styles. You can find a color that suits your personality.
  • Kids’ gloves: If you have a child, you’ll want to keep their delicate hands protected as well. They provide gloves for children that will keep them safe from the cold. Whether they’re headed for school or are outside with you, you’ll know that these gloves are keeping their hands snug and safe.
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Their gloves are available in different sizes so that no hand goes unfitted. Just follow their sizing chart to see what size you’ll want to get. Also, all gloves are free to ship all across Australia, so you don’t have to spend anything extra.


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