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Formal Socks: The Dos And Don’ts

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Your tuxedo is impeccable, as it features your vest, jacket, shoes, pants and your shirt. All of those come together to give you a crisp appearance. Even the pockets are designed in a way to add to the look.

This also means when you sit down and the pants lift up slightly, you don’t want gym socks showing. In short, your socks have to be on part with the rest of your outfit. Your socks matter, and there are a few things you want to do and don’t want to do. If you want to learn what these dos and don’ts are, then continue to read on.

Do go for patterned or solid socks in neutral colors, such as gray, black or beige will work. Try to match your socks to your pants. When someone looks at you, you want to make sure you have a blended look.

Do choose colorful socks because they can make a vibrant statement. There’s no need to be shy about this. When you choose socks, consider what formal accessories you’ll be wearing with your suit.

For example, are you going to be wearing a tie and vest in turquoise? If so, then your socks should be the same color. We have many socks available that will blend in well with your tie and vest, regardless of the color they are in.

Don’t not wear white socks because they are more for the gym or your runs. Suit pants do not go well with white socks. It doesn’t matter what those white socks look like, just don’t even consider wearing them with your outfit.

Do go ahead and choose socks that have a smooth texture, but stay away from socks that have ribbing. Athletic socks shouldn’t be worn either. Trust us when we say socks with a smooth texture are far more comfortable than your everyday pair of socks.

Colorful and fun novelty socks make a powerful statement. As previously mentioned, don’t be shy with the colors you go for. If you want to make a statement and standout of the crowd, then go right ahead and shop around for vibrant, colorful socks.

Do not think about going barefoot in your shoes. This is tacky and dress shoes call for dressy looking socks. Always wear socks with your dress shoes, as this is proper and it is more comfortable.

Do choose socks with mid-calf height. Ankle socks are not that good looking and they actually look awkward. You don’t want skin to show, so always choose socks with a proper height.

Do not choose socks that are derived from nylon, rayon or any other kind of synthetic fabrics for that matter because they don’t let your skin breathe. Socks made with silk, cotton and other natural fibers are ideal. Don’t worry though because finding such socks is easy, and most of are socks are made with cotton.

Do choose patterns and colors you are attracted to the most, but do your best to coordinate your socks with your outfit. Many formal events don’t happen that often, so you have one chance to dress in a way that will make an impact. Plus, it’s fun to get dressed up, and you will definitely want to choose a great pair of socks that you probably normally don’t wear.





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