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Franklin Eugene: A closer look into the Renaissance man

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And why now is not the best time to be an average person.

There will never be a single description that can capture what a man is, except that he is always hungry. What satiates this hunger is a matter of difference in taste. As much as there are men who hunger for discovery, adventure, flesh, dirt, and the rough edges of life, there are men who aspire for what are usually considered as more lofty endeavors, such as art, beauty, and culture. To understand man, the easiest thing to do is to dichotomize between instinct and control, that a man chooses one and sacrifices the other.

Here comes the Renaissance man who constantly places the stereotypical definition of what a man should be in question. Simply defined as well-rounded and versatile, the Renaissance man has the uncanny ability to place hard grit side-by-side the soft pleasure of luxury. To the Renaissance man it is not about choosing to act on instinct over self-control. It is not about developing one aspect of his personality while overlooking and sacrificing the rest. It is about being observant and being able to assess what is needed to be done. It is about being present and being responsive to the signs of the times.


The concept of the Renaissance man has been lost in our time. Relegated to the past, it has been limited to ancient figures like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, among others. In more recent history, we have recognized Thomas Jefferson, Sir Winston Churchill, and Benjamin Franklin. With this, has the modern man completely trashed the idea of the Renaissance man? Was it too far off, lofty, an ideal that we have just settled on wherever we land on? Or has the modern man become too limited by being too self-absorbed?

The man and his own definition of success

It is unfair to say that the modern man has lost the spirit that once animated the Renaissance man. There remains the go-getter, unfettered, well-rounded man who thrives now more than ever. But it is not just about being successful or having the drive to develop. If success is what sets apart the Renaissance man, then it would not be remarkable as it should be.

The Renaissance man ultimately embraces all facets, all aspects, and harnesses all capabilities and possibilities of being a man. Looking closely at the modern generation, we have such men worthy of the title, among them, the humanitarian, fashion designer, and global patron of the arts Franklin Eugene.

What sets the modern Renaissance man apart

Franklin Eugene may be closely associated with fashion, but he should also be acknowledged for his works as a humanitarian and as a patron of the arts. While his patrons benefit from the genius reflected in his designs, his talents benefit more people  through his charity works in the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

Aside from making a name in the fashion industry, he has supported the proliferation of quality films through his contribution as a movie producer.  Among the notable movies he co-produced is the documentary Love, Gilda that features the life of the famous Saturday Night Live comedian Gilda Radner. The film was shown in the prestigious International Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

There’s a lot to admire about the man, especially his desire and effort to present “an outward manifestation of a man’s best inner self” through his various works. More than dressing up the modern man, he is someone one could also regard as a model.  His endless pursuit to conquer the limitations of human nature through his craft, contribution to the arts, and efforts to alleviate the suffering of his fellow man, makes him worthy to be considered as one of the remarkable Renaissance men of this generation.

Ultimately, it’s about staying hungry

While earning several recognitions such as the Leading Pioneer in Fashion Design in 2017 during the LUX Global Excellence Awards in Italy, Franklin Eugene remains grounded and still with ever-growing hunger to accomplish more.

Franklin Eugene’s works reveal a deep level of self-reflection and awareness and it is rare to find a designer that has dedicated his craft to consciously reflect the passion, strength, and style of the modern Renaissance man. Franklin Eugene’s new collection, the Franklin Eugene Tiger Strong, as it is aptly named, reflects the strength of the animal. It’s a juxtaposition of the strength from being governed by pure instinct and the refinement through control and  conscious design. The collection also strongly reflects Franklin Eugene’s philosophy as a person, as a designer, and as a patron of the arts.

In touch with one’s self, in touch with his surroundings, in touch with life itself, Franklin Eugene is a reminder that men can aspire to be much more by embracing both the mundane and the compelling, That beyond the simplistic stereotype of being blunt, basic, and straightforward, we can be much more. At the same time, we can be multilayered, sophisticated, and refined. Franklin Eugene works for the man who is hungry and who craves to taste both the unusual and the diverse.


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