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G-Pod Summerhouse Diner

Sailun Tires

A contemporary design aesthetic fused with an environmentally conscious ethos provides the perfect lounging or dining backdrop for modern lifestyles. The Summerhouse is an extension of your private space – a stunning environment to work, lounge and entertain. The Summerhouse will stay cool in the summer months and warm when the evenings cool. A simple palette of materials fused with the love of outdoors provides an innovating living space for the garden.

The design blends comfortably in any environment complimenting any home or garden.  Custom configuration allows for a 10+ seating with plenty of ambient space to entertain and enjoy.  The waterproof vinyl interior perfectly complements the 16 laminated-exterior beamed structure.  The outer top hood allows plenty of ventilation but is well insulated internally to prevent the chill of an autumn night.

The Summerhouse’s top and lower exterior is protected with mirror-polished stainless steel which provides a reflective surface to help prevent over-heating. This reflective surface allows it to sit comfortably in any environment and even enhances its connection with the surroundings.  The tinted UV protected polycarbonate windows and door provide the Summerhouse with a distinct identity. Two windows and door slide neatly into the roof lining providing fresh air while its innovative design contributes to the enjoyment of space.


If you’re unable to have power connected, we’ve added a 20 watt solar panel and a 12 volt charging system into the design so it can run independently using only the Sun’s free energy.  Our aim is to still make you feel part of the garden, and we have achieved this by giving windows all around the pod for a full panoramic view.


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