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Good Hairstyle for a Male with Long Hair?

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Men often love short hairstyles because they are easy to style and do not require a lot of energy for upkeep. It is however imperative to note that styling long hair for a man is not a hard task. It involves playing around with a few tricks and the right hair products, with and accessories you can achieve that great look. This piece offers an insight into a number of good hairstyles you can rock with long hair.

Man Bun

Man-bun has been around since time immemorial. It is a trend that is here to stay. This is attributed to the fact that it is easy to wear and is a highly versatile hairstyle. The bun works best for long hair because you can easily pull and twist your hair to make a bun at the back. The pulled back hairs make a bun that is great for different hair types, face shapes and is quite flattering.

Why a man bun

  • The bun is an exceptionally good hairstyle for long hair because it is quite trendy. Whether you want to get a hairstyle for an office look or an evening party, the bun definitely rocks.
  • The man bun keeps your hair out of your face. This means that it is a style that you can comfortably wear even on a bad hair day.
  • Based on the occasion, you can decide to wear a messy, sleek, loose or tight bun.
  • The man bun has you covered at all times. It is a hairstyle you can comfortably style within a short period of time. Styling takes less than 6 minutes to achieve a great professional look. What鈥檚 more, it always complements your dress code.

Top Knot

Top -knot is also another great hairstyle for you if you have long hair. Just like a man bun, it is a style that is easy to achieve. You can go for a knot with;

  • Undercut.
  • Shaved sides.
  • With a faded style.

The short hair on the sides helps you to make a statement. It is also a sexy style since you can always tie the knot for a slick back, pompadour or quiff. Keep in mind that the knot is tied at the top of the head and it makes it a unique hair style that resembles the samurai haircuts.

Why go for a top knot

The top knot offers the contrasting features of pulled back hair and buzzed sides. This gives you an edgy sexy finish and an amazing look.

You can always loosen the knot and add some braidings for a more unique and stylish twist.

With the top knot, you can go for a good fade on the sides. You will appreciate this style because it prevents hair from covering up your face.

The Pony Tail

The other style to rock is the pony tail. It works best for men and one of the easiest to style. All you need for an incredible look is too pull back your hair and secure with a clip or hair tie. The knot can be at the top, back or bottom. The position of the knot, however, depends on how long your hair is.

Why the pony tail

  • The pony tail is easy to style.
  • You can wear it out and about.
  • It is a practical hair style that keeps your hair off your face and neck.
  • During bad hair days, this is a style that will always look great.
  • You can wear it to a professional event or a to a social gathering.
  • When you use pomade or a styling hair product, the pony tail will always look interesting and voluminous.
  • It creates an interesting look when combined with a side haircut.
  • You can also rock a half pony tail where the upper section of your hair is tied back. This variation is amazing as it adds more texture and volume to the hair. In addition, it keeps hair off the face.

Curly look

If your hair is too long, the naturally curling hair style is more ideal. It is a classic look and is effortless to style. Keep in mind that long hair has a way of weighing down curls. As a result, you can maintain the hairstyle over a long haul. To prevent the hair from getting frizzy, use a hair cream or gel for curls. It will help to structure the hair and keep the curls in place.

With these styles for a male with long hair in mind, you can always define your needs and rock a style that brings out the best in you.



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