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Are You Overpaying For Your Shoes? Here’s How You Can Look Good On A Budget

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Overpaying on luxury items is not always a bad thing.

$1000 for a suit. $400 for a bottle of wine. $1500 for tickets to a play that isn’t even good.

They may sound ridiculously expensive to some people, but these purchases are the cause of joy for others. We buy pricey things out of desire to distinguish ourselves from our peers, to boost our self-esteem, and to just feel happy. We are generally willing to shell out a bit more cash to experience a taste of pleasure and luxury.

But how much is too much?

While an occasional indulgence is perfectly fine, a modern gentleman needs a savvier approach to fashion (and possibly everything else, to be quite honest). There are ways to look good without going bankrupt.

What if you can get that same feeling of luxury and enjoy high-level craftsmanship without having to shell out as much money? Believe it or not, it’s possible.

Why do luxury fashion brands cost too much anyway?


Ever wonder how a pair of shoes could cost as much as your entire week’s salary? Us,too.

Materials? Production? Design?

There’s a popular notion that quality items cost more.

Sad to break it to you, but paying a lot for something doesn’t always guarantee quality. It’s no secret that even high-end labels outsource their manufacturing to countries with a lower labor cost. It’s really just the brand reputation which allows them to charge so much for their products.

And there’s also the traditional retail markups.

Brand names usually produce items in bulk but rarely get to sell everything. They often pad up the prices to have allowance for the items that they don’t sell. Plus, they have to pay for warehouse space, salespeople, and marketing. On top of that, brands sometimes sell to retailers who, on the average, add a 3x markup.

This business model is not good for our wallets and even the environment because of so much waste, but luxury brands can get away with it simply because they can. As long as there are people who are willing to pay top dollar for the latest designer products, the prices won’t go down.

The good news? There is a better alternative. You just have to be a little smarter when it comes to shopping.


Let’s talk about shoes


Well-crafted shoes are simply beautiful. Wearing them will make you feel like a million bucks. Whether you’re a president of a big company or a struggling founder of a startup, you need a reliable pair in your footwear collection. The right one can make you look sharper and more polished, especially for a special date night or a client meeting.

Getting the best pair all boils down to knowing how to shop and choosing a brand that values craftsmanship over profit. When you know what you’re looking for, you won’t be lured into buying poorly-made products with an unreasonable price tag anymore. Oh and doesn’t hurt to use voucher codes. Yes, they exist even for high-quality, craft shoes, too!

Check out Becket Simonon, a shoe company offering premium footwear at an affordable price. Even with premium design, luxurious materials, and superior construction, the shoes only cost around $200. We’re talking about Argentinian full grain calfskin leather here. Their products have a timeless design and quality construction – it’s really hard to get a better deal.

How do they do it? Becket Simonon manages to get rid of the traditional retail markups with a pre-order system. They have no excessive inventory and additional overhead costs to pay for. So they don’t have unnecessary expenses to pass on to the consumer. Stylish gentlemen like you get to enjoy a quality pair of shoes at a reasonable price. You can even get two pairs without feeling too guilty. It’s a win-win.


Yes, this model does not work for everyone, especially if you need your shoes ASAP. Typically, Becket Simonon shoes take about 8-12 weeks to make. But just a little bit of patience and a little bit of planning can make a huge difference in your style, comfort, and bank account.


Say goodbye to overpaying for shoes, buddy. We’re helping you invest in quality stuff that will make you feel like a true man of style.

The Details That Matter


How do you distinguish a truly nice pair of shoes from something that is just so-so? It’s hard to tell with just one look. Here are some of the factors that help create a good pair of shoes.



Shoe manufacturers come up with new shoe materials every year but most people know that when it comes to quality footwear, nothing beats leather. Nothing even comes close. It provides extra protection, comfort, and a better fit. And as you probably know by now, leather adds a touch of luxury and style whatever you are wearing.

Here’s the thing. Not all kinds of leathers are created equal.

For shoes, Full Grain Leather works best. This kind of leather is not boosted or corrected through processes such as sanding. It is made from the outer layer of the animal hide, which means it has more fiber. More fiber means it’s softer and more durable. Plus, it also looks more beautiful over time.

For the lining, it is also important to choose leather that is incredibly soft because it will help you get more comfort and a better fit. This kind of material is also more breathable. Breathability is important because it helps fight odor causing bacteria and helps regulate temperature.

Becket Simonon shoes are made with Argentinian full grain calfskin leather and full grain vanchetta leather lining. Both are high-quality materials that will help you enjoy your shoes. Plus, the soles are made from vegetable-tanned leather that will make your shoes feel comfortable. After wearing your shoes several times, it will start to take the shape of your feet.


Craftsmanship And Construction


No matter how sleek and sexy your shoes look, they won’t last long if the upper leather is just glued to the sole. It’s a sign of a poorly-made pair. Over time (maybe two years), the glue will eventually degrade and fail. You can glue them back together, but you can’t expect them to last very long.

A well-crafted pair of shoes is stitched with a needle and thread. Quality shoes typically use the Goodyear Welting or Blake Stitching. Both techniques are pretty Old School. Goodyear Welting is older. It goes way back to 1869!

Charles Goodyear Jr developed a new durable material, or the reusable “welt,” which is a strip of leather along the outside of the shoes where the upper and sole of the shoes are sewed. This extra layer makes the shoes more durable and water resistant. The structure also makes the soles super easy to repair or replace.

Blake Stitching, on the other hand, started during the industrial revolution. It simplified the process used in the Goodyear Welting and made it more efficient while retaining the same quality. With this, there is no extra material and the stitching is kept inside the shoe. The stitching keeps the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole together.

Theoretically, a pair using either of the stitches can last you a lifetime. The sole can be replaced again and again. Just take care of the leather uppers. Becket Simonon uses Blake Stitching that makes the shoes comfortable, sturdy, and easy to resole.



This can be subjective because we all have our own preferences, but as with anything related to fashion, great shoe design is simply timeless.  You know you can still wear Becket Simonon shoes ten years from now because they never go out of style. Even your kids can wear them years from now.

We understand that details are important,  too. We take labor intensive steps such as hand-cutting the leather and hand-sanding the sole edges to make the designs unique and long-lasting.


Production Process

In a world overflowing with mass-produced goods, it’s refreshing to see a brand that reasserts the value of handmade products.

Becket Simonon shoes tell a story. They are created by craftspeople who genuinely love what they do. They are ethically and responsibly made. The thoughtfulness and care that goes in each product during production make it even more beautiful.



How long your shoes will last is largely dependent on how they were made and the materials used. But with the proper shoe care routine, it is totally possible to extend the life of your shoes even more. Given the craftsmanship and story that goes behind every pair of Becket Simonon shoes, wouldn’t you want to preserve the shoes by taking care of them properly?

Hey, Becket Simonon shoes are in no way fragile, but things like keeping the leather smooth and clean, and using cedar shoe trees after each wear are important to make your shoes last longer.

As a special offer from Simonon Beckett, use the code: SWAGGER to receive 20% your order!


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