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How To Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

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As more and more people recognise the negative impact that human actions are having on the environment, many are trying to find ways that they can change and make a difference. One way that everyone can make a difference is by taking a different approach to fashion. Fast fashion has huge environmental costs that many people don鈥檛 even realise. As the second largest polluter in the world fast fashion contributes to water pollution, the production of greenhouse gases, and is responsible for tons of clothes ending up in landfill.

There are many options out there for making more ethical and sustainable fashion choices. Below are some ideas that will help you to make more informed decisions about where you buy your clothes from, and what to do with the clothes you already have. You may not be able to cut out buying fast fashion altogether, but reducing the amount that you buy can be just as helpful.

Fix clothes

Just because an item of clothing gets a hole in it, or loses a button, doesn鈥檛 mean that you have to throw it away. It is straightforward to fix something like that with a needle and thread. There is no need for you to have tons of experience as, if you fix the problem while it is small, no one will be able to notice it anyway. If you are worried about messing up or have no idea how to start, there are plenty of free tutorials online that will be able to help you.

If the repair is a bit bigger, and you don鈥檛 feel confident enough to try to repair it yourself, you could ask a friend with more expertise or find a seamstress that will help you fix it. It will cost you some money, but it will usually be cheaper than buying a whole new item.

Hold swap shops with your friends

A great way of passing on unwanted clothes, and getting something new to wear for yourself is to swap clothes with your friends. It is a great excuse to get all your friends together for a catch-up and some fun. Everyone can bring with them items of clothing that they no longer want, and it can become a fun night of trying on clothes and finding something new to wear. This is a great way to give clothing a new life, as they will be passed on instead of thrown away.

Find sustainable clothing brands

Many clothing brands are now creating sustainable clothing, so it is becoming easier to make good decisions when buying new clothes. Some companies make sure that they are using sustainable materials, that their production process is eco-friendly, and that they are doing their bit for the community so that their brand is having less of a negative effect on the environment.

If you need help identifying brands which are sustainable you can use apps and websites like Good On You, which will tell you if brands you shop with are sustainable, and will give you other recommendations of brands that are.



Buy second-hand

There are lots of advantages to buying vintage or second-hand clothing. In terms of the environment, you are not contributing to any environmental damage by buying new things; you are buying clothes that have already been in circulation. It also prevents clothing from being sent to landfills and instead gives them a new life with somebody else.

An advantage for you as a buyer is that you can find so many high quality, unique pieces for a reasonable price. You will be able to find things that only you will have, rather than having the same thing as many other people who buy from the high street.

There are many charity shops on the high street that you can visit, and vintage fairs are becoming more and more popular. Apps are also an excellent tool for buying and selling clothing online.

Invest in quality items

People need to try and change the way that they view clothing. Instead of buying lots of cheap items to keep up with the latest trends, everyone needs to buy quality items that they will wear again and again. Clothing is meant to be worn over a period of time, rather than worn once and then thrown away.

The items that you already have could be restyled. Layer long sleeve tops under dresses, or play around with belts. There is always something different that you can do with your outfits so you can keep a few staple items, looking fresh.


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