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How to Master the Art of Harvey Specter-style Power Dressing

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Season 9 of Suits will be its final season. Fans are mourning the news. Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on the show, celebrated his 47th birthday on January 22nd. To honor Macht’s recent birthday and the legacy of Suits, which took us all inside the high-risk, high-reward world of a ritzy New York law firm, we want to show you how to master the art and science of Harvey Specter-style power dressing.

Harvey Specter has swagger. He’s a fictional character with epic and enviable confidence. He dresses to impress. He knows that image is one of the keys to getting everything that he wants, including money, prestige and women. His goal is to win and he dresses accordingly.

If you love Harvey’s bold style, which is an intriguing blend of modern and retro, be sure and use our power dressing tips to get the look. While you may not be able to afford the custom Tom Ford suits, Brioni shirts and shoes by Tom Ford that Gabriel wears on the show, you can find cheaper pieces with the same fit and look. Be sure to check out Garrison Bespoke online. This company has a Toronto branch and Gabriel has worn the Garrison’s Signature 3 Piece Suit while playing Harvey Specter.

Spend As Much As You Can Afford To On Your Suits…You Won’t Regret It

Harvey is always decked out in costly suits. The show is called Suits and Harvey Specter, who is portrayed by handsome and gifted actor, Gabriel Macht, is the show’s leading style icon. His suits have strong silhouettes, whether they’re two-piece or three-piece designs. Go for suits with wide lapels. Wider-than-average lapels help to create the V-shaped torso look that is really the epitome of masculine power dressing. Think Clark Kent, right before he turns into Superman.

Other design elements to watch for include high-end fabrics, such as silk-and-wool blends or worsted wools, and high armholes. Structured shoulders are also a must. Flapped pockets (ticket pocket optional), and double vents are also signature Harvey Specter looks. Choose a dark palette that enhances your professional image. Charcoal is always a safe option.

So, which shirts are right for the look? Well, shirts with semi-spread collars look just right. These collars really stand out, thanks to their height. These shirts are ideal backdrops for wide ties.

Stay Away From Mike Ross’ Skinny Ties

Harvey’s disdain for Mike Ross’ skinny ties (not to mention his cheap suits) is well-documented. This is why you should go for a bolder tie look. Choose a wider tie with a bigger knot. We recommend a tie with a width of three to three-and-a-half inches. Use a Windsor knot for a classic and confident effect. Once you have your power suit and wide tie, add more visual impact with cuff links and a pocket square.

Build Some Height Into Your Hairstyle…and Don’t Skimp On The Hair Product

Did you know that Gabriel Macht is a natural blond who dyed his hair dark to get the Harvey Specter look? His hair wasn’t supposed to come out so dark, but the hairdressers made a mistake. It ended up black and Macht needed to color his hair every fourteen days to maintain his darker locks. Eventually, he asked to go lighter and producers agreed. Whatever your hair color, it’s important to build height into your hairstyle, at the crown.

Ask for a cut with plenty of length on top, so you have enough length to create height. The sides should be cut short, without being buzzed. In terms of styling, you’ll need a hard part on one side. The front should be combed up and back to build volume. Gel is the right product for this look. Gel pomades and clay pomades are also good choices. These products will help you to keep your hair vertical. Play around to see which hair products work best for you.

People Will Respond To Your Power Look

Now that you know the secrets of Harvey Specter style, isn’t it time to try out this striking power dressing look? You’ll feel so in control when you’re wearing your fitted, wide-lapel suit, with your high collar, wider tie, cuff links and pocket square. Your groomed hair will also give you a shot of pure, Harvey Specter-style confidence. A scientific study called “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing“, showed that people who don formal business wear gain an advantage. They also access a self-esteem boost that helps them to achieve in the workplace.




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