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Men’s Fall Style: From the colors to the layers, enjoy it while it lasts

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The most anticipated, style friendly season of the year comes and goes in the blink of an eye: Fall. Enjoy it while it lasts! I mean, who doesn’t love the layers, sweaters, bombers and most of all trending fall colors.

Here’s some quick reminders on this seasons style must haves:



SWAGGER Magazine - Fall Look Editorial - Jose Manuel Cruz


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A classic crew neck sweater is a cold-weather staple. As with all basics, it can become a little bland after a while. The first three or four weekends of fall, your sweater is basically a revelation… until it starts to feel like a security blanket rather than a fashion statement.

Here’s a quick fix for that problem, and it probably won’t cost you anything; wear your basic fall knits with summer’s light jeans for a change of pace. The brightness of the denim will make your sweater pop, giving it a little bit of “big shot” flavor without steering too far away from classic. Whether you’re watching the game, going on a daytime date, or just running errands around town, it’s a great choice. Your choice of shoes can match your agenda for the day, sneakers for sporty endeavors, loafers for ‘Swaggier’ plans. Just no espadrilles, please. Summer denim is one thing, but beach shoes in the middle of November is definitely a faux pas.


SWAGGER Magazine - Fall Look Editorial - Jose Manuel Cruz


Layers upon layers

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, wearing several layers of clothes becomes a necessity to stay warm for those of us in the north. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish whilst doing so.

Layering certainly isn’t the hardest part of men’s fall fashion, you’re simply putting different items of clothes over other items. That being said, if you don’t know how to layer your clothes properly then your outfit can go from chic, to overkill very quickly. Being able to remove a piece of clothing without compromising the style of your outfit is the best thing about layering. It means that all of your clothes have got to look great as an ensemble, as well as stand-alone items.

Starting from the bottom, like Drake would say, with a solid quality egyptian cotton t-shirt, like the ones from Kotn, are great for creating a base layer to any outfit as they are a thin, light, yet durable. Pair a sweater or even a bomber jacket over your t-shirt as a second layer.

When it comes to layering clothes, one of the important elements you’re going to encounter is colors. When you’re wearing several different items of clothing, the risk of colors clashing becomes much higher. Just make sure that the colors you’re wearing compliment each other and don’t ruin the overall look.

It’s safe to say a shirt is one of the easiest pieces in your wardrobe to double up. Whether you throw on your favourite knit or a blazer, the layering method will have you geared up and ready for any occasion.


SWAGGER Magazine - Fall Look Editorial - Jose Manuel Cruz

SWAGGER Magazine - Fall Look Editorial - Jose Manuel Cruz



This fall, nothing is going to do that better than a suit in soft-to-the-touch wool (think flannel, just not the pajama kind) in a rich neutral hue. Whether you shell out for one in our favorite new wear-to-work hue (that would be olive green), or stick to the menswear basics (navy, gray), investing in a new suit now ensure you’ll be turning heads. Plus, extra style points if you wear yours with a tonal shirt, tie, and pocket square.

The most effective cold weather layering tricks for the office happen inside and over your go-to tailoring. Most dress shirts don’t differ all that much from season to season and if you’re like most guys, you don’t have a separate Harris tweed-heavy wardrobe set aside for this time of year. he best way to transform your multi-season suit into a fall and winter specific suit is by adding a core-warming cardigan. Now, before you go cramming your chunkiest knits into the sleeves of a slim fit suit, listen up. In 2017 the thickness of a sweater doesn’t determine its capacity to keep you cozy. Now, brand after brand are making cashmere or merino wool cardigans as thin as a t-shirt, allowing you to layer up without feeling squished. Go for a solid color that matches your favorite tailoring or pick out some stripes, or prints to punch up your work wardrobe.


SWAGGER Magazine - Fall Look Editorial - Jose Manuel Cruz


Fall Colors

For most guys, the autumn/winter months are prime time for retreating into a world of dark neutral tones. e get it; who wants to wrestle with making a bright yellow jumper work as well as the central heating controls?

But doing so doesn’t have to mean turning the saturation of your wardrobe up to max. Instead, try darker shades of typically summer tones, like Maroon. It still counts as a color, but is not offensively bright and is oh so easy to wear.

Even Drake knows that maroon is the one fall color that everyone could use more of.


Other colors you can turn to are chocolate browns, evergreens, slate greys and more.





Photographer: José Manuel Cruz / @esjmanuel
Wardrobe Stylist: Chris Bergström / @chrisbstrom
Groomer: Caroline Ljusterdal / @beautybyljusterdal
Model: Sebastian Lysén / @sebastianlysen (looks 1-4)
Model: Jeffrey Robert Thomas / @jeffrey.thomas.robert (featured look)
Contributing Fashion Editor: Alanna Julie Dussiamme / @alannaxjulie


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