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Men’s Online Shopping Experience: How to Make Buying Clothes Easier for Guys

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Not many men are big fans of shopping, especially for clothes. This is because they are often unenthusiastic about how much time and effort that might be required to get what they want or worry they might simply not just do it right.

Most of this worry stems from years of men watching women shop and thus feeling a compulsion to go about shopping the same way women do. This can’t work because what a woman finds satisfaction in is rarely same as what men find satisfaction in. Thus, you can’t set up your online clothing store for men the same way you’d set up one for women.

An online clothing store for men needs to take into consideration the way men generally approach tasks such as shopping and design the website in a corresponding manner. Said approach can be described as the “get in and get out” approach. Men aren’t really into taking their time to walk through your whole catalogue to view all the different possible options and search for the best deals. Thus, make clothes shopping experience for male shoppers as straight forward as possible with the following tips;


1. Put up items which men within your target market are actually interested in

If your online store is targeted at men within a certain age group, the store should offer items that men within that group are actually interested in. For instance, there’s no reason your store which caters to men between the ages 15 and 35 should have clothes that’ll be better appreciated by men 40 and above. Asides from age, lifestyle could be another factor. Your store could be focused on men interested in urban casual wear or men with a more formal taste. Whatever the case may be, let your online catalogue match the preferences of the men in your target market.


2. Make it easy for men to select what they want

Make the shopping process smoother by making it easy to select items of interest and drop them in the shopping cart without leaving the current page. This should include being able to pick the size, colour, and quantity of the preferred clothing item without hassle. This way, men can select all they need quickly and checkout without dillydallying.


3. Personalised experience

Your online store should be intelligent enough to recommend items to shoppers based on their past shopping experience. This will make things easier for your male shoppers as they will have quick access to items that are similar to what they already have in mind.

Another way you can provide a personalized experience is to use social media advertising to keep your male shoppers informed about newly available items that match their preferences or about ongoing sales on their preferred items. This way, you male shoppers will have an incentive to visit your website once again to make a purchase.


4. Make payment fast and smooth

This is the last bit but it’s just as important as the rest. Make paying for items quick and effective so your male shoppers can wrap up their shopping without hassle.


With these tips, your male shoppers will be less averse to getting their clothing shopping done with you because they know they can get what’s needed without any undue hassle


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