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Professions With Strict Dress Codes

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Some professions and companies insist on their employees adhering to a dress code. Even ones that could be deemed to be wearing a uniform have codes that must be stuck to. Some commercial airlines, for instance, will not let the cabin crew, who all wear similar clothing, wear shoulder length hair loose. It has to be tied back while they are on duty. Some professions are renowned for their dress codes, and even though some of them have relaxed a little, most employees still stick with them.


Generally, lawyers wear smart tailored suits regardless of their gender. In the 1970s, some judges tried to stop women from wearing trousers in court but this practice has now stopped. They are free to wear them if they want but most female lawyers opt for their suit to comprise of a skirt and jacket.

You will not get lawyers going into court in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, although some of them do wear more casual clothing to the office if they know they have no clients to see that day and do not have to visit the court.


Go to any casino and you will notice the croupiers are smartly dressed. Usually, their attire is not overly formal, as the operators do not want their clients to feel uncomfortable. However, you will never see a scruffy croupier as they would not be allowed near the tables.

The same applies if you like to play live dealer games. You may have noticed that the online croupiers are all smartly dressed too, as most casinos require this level of dress, whether they are online or not.

Bankers And Financial Advisors

Consumers expect to see their banker or financial advisor in a suit with a shirt and tie. Anyone in these professions would look underdressed if they interviewed someone attired in any other way. This dress code is as much to help give their clients confidence, as some things just seem more believable from someone that looks the part, rather than a person in sneakers and jeans.

Dress Codes That Say What Not To Wear

Many dress codes inform staff what they cannot wear rather than what they must. No jeans allowed, or no short skirts are very common. Often employers will also insist that shorts are not worn to work, and there must never be a bare midriff. Sneakers are on the do not wear list of more employers than you may realize, and some will even go to the extent of saying no beards are allowed.

Some things are very understandable. If you work in the food industry, for example, it is not as easy to put a net on a beard, as it is your hair, so there could be the risk of diners finding a few whiskers in their meal. The other do not wear items are usually because the employs have to deal with the public at some point, and the owners want to portray a good image, which is normal business practice.

Some people seem to think that dress codes are old fashioned but it is unlikely they will disappear any time in the foreseeable future.



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