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The Next Madam C.J. Walker… FOR MEN

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Dr. Brooke Elmore is not your ordinary stay at home Mom. As a Mother of 3 children under the age of 3, Brooke “aka” Bee, never thought she would be the creator of a household name for mens hair products. It wasn’t until one evening as she sat in her 2 month old daughters nursery “pondering” about how she and her family would now make ends meet with the addition of yet another child. As she slowly rocked her daughter back to sleep, she realized that her life as a career woman would never be the same. A Clinical Doctor by trade, Bee was adamant about staying home with her children but knew that the sacrifices of being a stay at home Mom would take a toll on her family financially.

“I was definitely worried about what was to come, but even in that place of worry I was determined to find a way to passively compensate my income.”

Enjoying motherhood while dealing with the dynamics of her growing family, Bee redirected her focus to her pre-existing business, Queen Remy’s Hair Palace, a women’s hair extension line that she started back in 2015. Her goal was to produce enough revenue to pay her monthly mortgage payment. “Creating my women’s hairline was so much fun because I love hair! I have loved hair since I was 13 years old, but it was unfortunately not bringing in the revenue one would expect in order to compensate their income.” Bee went back to her creative drawing board and began noticing requests for hair from some of her male customers.


Bee’s curiosity led her to begin looking deeper in to what her products were being used for. Much to her surprise, her products were being used for “Manweave” installations. “I was quite shocked to see how some of my QRHP product line was being utilized by my male customers. I admired their openness to share as well as their unique level creativity.” It was at that moment that Bee decided to go above and beyond and create a distinctively separate hair line just for ethnic men called, “The King Hair Collection.” The innovative idea came after a spoken prophecy her Mother made to her during a family prayer. “My mother is very spiritual and only weeks prior had prayed for our families health and wealth.” Bee goes on to explain her thought about The King Hair Collection. “Once I began to do my research on Male hair replacement options for Ethnic men, I came to the harsh conclusion that there were little to no options readily available. So, I created The King Hair Collection by Queen Remy’s Hair Palace!” The introduction of this men’s sector was timely and innovative, definitely a must have for the black male hair industry.”


As Bee began to grow and market her new men’s hair line, she realized her vision was one that needed to stand alone in order to evolve. “My men’s line was intertwined in to my preexisting women’s website and social media pages which was pretty, pink, and flooded Brazilian bundles. It was a great platform for women but too busy and difficult for my Male customers to navigate.

“I soon realized that our King’s deserved more!”

Something that catered to their taste, style and swagger. So I decided to take my Men’s line to the next level and at that point birthed Mancave4Hair.”

Mancave4hair is one of the industry’s first and most exclusive hair and product lines for Ethnic men. As a trademarked business entity under The Hair Dynasty, LLC. Umbrella, they have risen to be the industries Gold Standard for Ethnic Male Hair replacement products. “I have truly been blessed to have worked with some of the industries top barbers and stylist, from Hollywood to Atlanta. Since conception, our company has been a huge success in the barber industry supplying quality products and essentials needed for these services.”



Mancave4Hair is a fully operating product, hair, and service line for Men of Color. At present, they service thousands of barbers, stylist, and retail customers nation and worldwide providing an array of products utilized to install male hair replacement units. When asked how she felt about being deemed The Next Madam C.J. Walker for men’s hair, Bee was definitely flattered, “It’s an honor! She was a phenomenal woman who overcame many obstacles.

“I truly believe that In life there are no such thing as barriers just mere obstacles, as barriers block you from progressing forward.”

On the other hand, obstacles are meant to be navigated but you still can remain steadfast on your course!” These are words her Father spoke to her as a little girl.


Moving forward in to the new quarter, Bee plans to continue fulfilling the Mancave4Hair vision with the hopes of being an even more accessible brand to the general public. If you wish to find out more about this amazing groundbreaking company email or visit their website at: Be sure to follow @mancave4hair on social media, you don’t want to miss what’s coming next!


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