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Rebel Against Conventional with Bold and Beautiful Underwear by Skull & Bones.

Sailun Tires

Style and comfort: that’s all that men seek when it comes to underwear, and yet it often seems like that simple wish is too difficult to achieve. If you find underwear that’s comfortable, it’s usually boring prints and uninspired design – nothing that makes you feel confident or desire to show them off. What’s more, often this momentary comfort doesn’t last as long as you need. And those items that may be cozy now may not last long enough to get your money’s worth.

And what of looking good? It’s not enough to have a gimmicky pattern or design on underwear. Too frequently companies treat men’s underwear like silly tees with slogans on them that you wear in high school: they’re momentarily, fleetingly cheeky. You may chuckle but you don’t really want that one you. When it comes to the look, you want underwear that makes you feel good when you’re covered up and when you’re showing them off. Like a dress shirt or a jacket, men want underwear that is stylish and comfortable without being silly or cheap. It’s a struggle.

Over the last few years, however Skull & Bones has looked to offer men a reprieve. They seek to satisfy all men’s needs when it comes to what they’re wearing under there, offering items that are chic without being cheesy, comfortable without being boring, and affordable without lacking quality.

Skull And Bones NYC FallSpring Editorial

A Revolt

The name, design, and attitude of Skull & Bones comes from the idea that they are rebelling against the norm of men’s underwear. For too long, it’s been dominated by the boring, uninspired, and uncomfortable. Skull & Bones is about being confident, masculine, beautiful, and proud. High quality and fashion aren’t just for outerwear, it’s for everything that touches your body, especially your most intimate and important parts.

Co-founders Vincent Pilato & his business partner in New York paired their expertise in fashion, education, and business to create a company in 2014 that sought to offer men something they’ve needed for a long time.  With plenty of industry experience, they introduced their first collection in the fall of 2015. Skull & Bones quickly grew into something popular and progressive, finding global interest and support. Now sold around the world and available for purchase online, Skull & Bones products have proven to be of quality material and positive design.

The Underwear

Whatever your preference, Skull & Bones has you covered. And that’s even if you preferred to be covered as little as possible! Of course they offer the most common of underwear, the briefs, the boxer briefs, and the trucks.  While most men are likely firmly situated in one of those categories, Skull & Bones hopes to indulge consumers in curiosities, because chances are most men at a young age decided what they would go with and have never switched; and that decision was likely made due to testing out one or two pairs of underwear at a time when the selection was probably lacking quality, comfort, and creativity. Regardless, they’ve you covered with the basics. But there’s much more.

  Feeling Adventurous

There are any number of occasions or reasons to be bold; and really, you don’t need a reason to embrace your confidence. Skull & Bones offers a line of thongs and jocks should you want, or need, to feel free and maybe just a little bit fun.  Contrary to conventional opinion, thongs don’t have to mean discomfort, and in fact can be handy to wear under there in any number of situations. You can still feel both cozy and protected in a Skull & Bones thong. Lastly, they feature an especially fun line of peek-a-boo underwear that, if you’re not familiar, you’ll want to see to fully enjoy. See if you can catch a glimpse – and get ready to let others sneak a peek, too.


Knowing there are plenty of styles to satisfy all your needs and desires means you can focus on finding the right color, print, or design to go with it. Skull & Bones features a variety of collections whether you’re feeling bold, cheeky, dapper, or reserved. Just the Bones offers plain yet elegant options with simple black, blue, or white underwear. Similarly, you can opt for something from the plaid collection, which is refined and gorgeous. The Dutch Floral line, as the name suggests, features colorful flower patterns with bright, bold colors.  For something especially eye-catching, check out the Art Deco collection, which sports golden patterns and gilded bands. Similarly, the Ombre line offers you hypnotic patterns of greens and purples to help you stand out. The Mid-Century Modern collection is their take on retro-futurism, featuring whimsical designs with some Skull & Bones flare. And of course, no underwear collection would be complete without a line of animal prints, which are simple without being lazy, and sophisticated without being pretentious.

Skull And Bones NYC FallSpring Editorial


Rising to prominence through underwear, Skull & Bones has expanded to offer men high quality, fashionable, and comfortable apparel. Match your underwear with a pair of cozy pajamas or a simple and stylish tee shirt or tank. Of course, if you love the look and feel of the underwear, you’ll want to pick up some equally supportive and striking swimwear. Grab a pair of shorts, trunks, or be bold with briefs next time your poolside.

Care & comfort

A quality piece of underwear is an investment: it’s something that should be comfortable and long lasting and shouldn’t be bought on the cheap. Care for your body by buying something that will take care of you. Made from modal, cotton, and polyester, underwear options from Skull & Bones will keep you comfortable and feeling your best. Whether what you’re wearing is your own little secret or something you want to share with the world, there’s a brand and a product you can take pride in.


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