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Someone Made Swoveralls, a Sweatpants + Overalls Mashup, and You Need Them ASAP

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As years go by, trends in men’s wear seem to get more and more…. interesting. From loud and vibrant rompers to animal print overcoats, from bleached jeans to oversized suits, we’re seeing one daring idea after another. Yes, they look good on the runway and on magazine pages, but are you actually considering wearing embellished bootleg jeans the next time you hang out with friends? Highly unlikely. Enter the Swoveralls.

The whut now? Swoveralls.

Really, you should’ve heard of them by now.

This interesting mashup of sweatpants and overalls from a New-York startup The Great Fantastic Co, made waves when they were first released. Unlike other crazy trends, this is actually something you might be interested in wearing on the streets.

Seemingly designed for maximum comfort and style, Swovervalls are exactly how you imagine them to be: Comfortable yet functional, athletic yet somewhat fashionable. You can dress ‘em up and you can dress ‘em down. They’re perfect for lounging around on lazy weekends or for a semi-fancy dance party.

Swoveralls are not as complicated as they sound.

Super soft and comfy material, check.

Deep front bib and side pockets for all your stuff (and beer), check.

Jogger cuffs and adjustable straps so they don’t look baggy and sloppy, check.

For most guys, Swoveralls aren’t really that big of a style leap. After all, sweatpants have already taken over the athleisure movement and are now essential parts of a modern man’s wardrobe. And overalls have evolved from a workwear staple to something perfectly acceptable, when paired with the right graphic tee. Marrying the two apparel concepts was just pure genius, right?

Now, here’s where things get even more interesting. There’s a Kickstarter campaign for Swoveralls 2.0, which are just as awesome as the first edition but “with more colors, unique prints, and improved design.”

This means more room for you to pick a style that really matches your preferences.

There are six brand new colors in the Swoveralls 2.0 collection. They have pretty awesome names too: Funkadelic Neon, Partayy Red, Rosewood Maroon, Forest Green, Nudie, and our top pick, the limited-edition Donut Trip.

These bad boys now have an inside pocket where you can store your valuables. Plus, they supposedly have more durable buttons and buckles for better quality. You can even have a logo printed on the front bib for a 10-pack order!

By the way, they have sizes for women too! If your girlfriend has been pestering you about going matchy-matchy, then this is something you might be able to pull off.

Really, there is no reason for you not to make the purchase. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a Minion or a Super Mario Brother. With the right shirt and accessories, we can imagine you happily rockin’ this new trend.

Interested in knowing more about Swoveralls 2.0? Check out The Great Fantastic’s Instagram Account for style ideas and their Kickstarter campaign to know more about the upgrade.

Happy shopping!



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