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Top 5 Men’s Underwear to keep your Junk in Place and your partner Drooling

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Arguably the most important piece of clothing you wear is the one that is usually never seen–unless you get lucky of course. Quality underwear is so important to personal well-being, but so often considered an afterthought. “Whatever’s comfortable, I guess” is what a friend recently told me when I asked him about his preference for undergarments. But there are so many aspects to “comfort”: Fit, breathability, movement, and ergonomic design.

If you value your quality of life, get yourself a quality pair of underwear. Featuring a variety of boxers, briefs, and the lovechild of the two, here are our favourite undergarments for maximum comfort — and keep your partner wanting more! 😉


5. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Underwear Top 5 for Men - Swagger Magazine

The Italian fashion giants’ most well-known underwear collection comes from their Emporio Armani line. Presented as a more mature and refine d line, EA’s focus on premium materials makes their undergarments a must-have essential in your wardrobe. The stretch cotton, combined with a minimalist design and form-fitting panels ensures the material will flow naturally with your body instead of unnecessarily bunching up. Starting at $35 a pair, Armani leans more towards the pricier side of underwear but if you’re willing to make the investment, rest assured you’re getting top-of-the-line bottoms. And if Armani underwear has been graced by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, rest assured you’re in good standing.

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4. Mister Maginsky

Mister Maginsky Underwear Top 5 for Men - Swagger Magazine

If we want to talk about game changers in the industry, Mister Maginsky has developed a genius method to secure your family jewels in the most “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment of the week. The brand has patented technology that separates “the twins from the king”, in turn keeping the area flexible and hygienic. The “King” will have its own section in the cup to prevent unnecessary sticking to the “Twins” as Mister Maginsky dubs them. Every pair also features a cheeky “You’re Welcome” tag sticking at the side of the pouch, and sold as two pairs for an affordable $40, you’d be hard-strung to find a better deal.  

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3. Rebel Empire

Rebel Empire Underwear Top 5 for Men - Swagger Magazine

As a specialty underwear brand, Rebel Empire’s focus is all on what goes on underneath. They want your underwear to be the “star of the show”. The boxers follow the tried-and-true method of making a pair of underwear: Available exclusively in black and composed of soft, breathable cotton. A unique aspect to Rebel Empire’s fabric is the peaching process that is applied, which runs the cloth through abrasive rollers to provide a silk-like finish.

With this much detail put into each piece, Rebel Empire lets their underwear do the talking, with most models shown topless to reduce distraction. The brand’s image is focused on an urban street vibe, with graffiti murals and subway stations as backdrops for their products.

Each pair of undergarments is also stamped with a gold foil in the middle of the front waistband as the signature of Rebel Empire’s craftsmanship. Quality approved.

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SAXX Underwear Top 5 for Men - Swagger Magazine

In the spirit of not developing just another pair of boxers, SAXX has challenged the status quo by crafting a game changing pair of undergarments. All SAXX underwear features their trademark BallPark Pouch™, which is composed of mesh panels and flat seams to prevent chaffing and provide support. Each undergarment is composed of breathable, moisture-wicking material to deliver as much form-fitting flexibility as possible, and the stitching along the material is inside-out to allow friction-less seams for optimal performance. For an easy $30, these technical innovations provide natural movement with minimal repositioning and a secure fit, thus creating the perfect pair of underwear. Talk about doing your homework.

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1. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear Top 5 for Men - Swagger Magazine

How did Calvin Klein become so good at making clothing essentials? It seems they’ve just always been the household name for comfortable tees and undergarments. Are we complaining? Absolutely not. They are the gold standard, and have been the iconic underwear brand to own since the Mark Wahlberg ads of yesteryear to modern day Justin Bieber and beyond. Their success lies in the simplicity and fit of their design: Every piece starts with a quality cotton blend fabric with just enough stretch without giving away its forming fit, and an elastic waistband with just enough give so that they sit secure at the waist. No flashy prints or contrast stitching, they are known to use solid colours and the occasional stripes to highlight the shape that the underwear will form. For only $25 a pair, this is undergarment excellence.

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Swagger Top Men's Underwear Editorial - Antonio Cardenas shooting Felipe Villagrana




Photography, Styling & Grooming: Antonio Candelas / @antoniocandelasofficial
Model and Actor: Felipe Villagrana represented by Wilhemina L.A. and Aperture Talent
Production Assistant : Stela Hernández
Photo Retoucher: Danny Cardenas


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