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What to Wear at the Casino Table

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Casinos have long been the height of luxury. Whether you’re picturing Vegas, the West End or even your local casino – they don’t do things by halves and casinos often offer a much higher level of luxury than your traditional bar.

Dress codes and casinos go hand in hand and there are very few that will allow you in without smart shoes at least a shirt. Rules have become more relaxed over recent years and dress codes can vary greatly between one casino and the next – however as a rule, like your local nightclub, no tracksuits, no football shirts, no vest tops and no shorts.

As the rules have been relaxed somewhat, many first timers are shocked to find that everyone isn’t dressed as James Bond inside – in fact, most places will grant access if you’re in smart trainers and jeans – however it is best to always make an effort to ensure you will be allowed in. It is important to note that almost all casinos in the UK operate on a no hats, caps or hoods basis as this can obscure your identity on CCTV.

If you have been invited to enjoy a specific game or table, enquire with the organiser about specific dress codes – however, as long as you’re in a smart shirt and well kempt, it is very unlikely you will be turned away.

However, not all casinos have dress codes – in fact there are some casinos you can turn up to in your birthday suit, if you want to. The rise of the online casino has changed the game for those who love to join the table, but don’t have the time to get to a physical casino, or don’t want to make the effort to get suited and booted for the occasion.

In fact, online casinos can be accessed from almost anywhere – as long as you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone and a good internet connection meaning you can join in whilst you commute on the train, as you relax on the sofa or even whilst you wait in line at the bank.

Like with physical casinos, not every online casino is the same and in order to find the best one for you it is often beneficial to browse a comparison site where all gambling sites – and their benefits – will be listed, enabling you to choose the right casino for you.

Whether you’re looking at joining your first ever casino table, or you’ve been trying your luck for years – remember to establish a bank roll and know your limits before entering the game (if you find yourself tempted, only take cash to the casino and leave your cards at home), ensure you understand the rules of the game (as they may differ from casino to casino, especially on slot machines) and make sure you check the odds – it can be all too easy to go home with a lot less than you should have because you confused the odds.


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