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Why Is James Bond so Irresistible to Women, and How to Be Like Him?

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James Bond is the world’s most famous secret agent. Also known as 007, the womanizing spy who loves martinis and great cars has been breaking hearts for decades. So, what is it about James Bond that makes women want him and men want to be him?

How to be like James Bond

While constantly putting his life at risk, this super-spy pulls off an effortless suave that many men admire and aspire to achieve. And unless he is in the process of killing someone, Bond is always polite, charming, and irresistible to the ladies. Here are some tips on how to be cool like the man with the golden gun:

Tip #1: Be confident. Women love confidence. James Bond is supremely confident, which isn’t surprising given his line of work. But you don’t have to join any intelligence agencies to learn a few languages and do a bit of traveling. Getting acquainted with other cultures and learning about new things will make you more interesting while helping you grow your confidence. It doesn’t hurt to remember that James is always well dressed and in shape. So, get yourself a new tuxedo and start working out.   

Tip #2: Be calm. James Bond is almost always calm. Even when his enemies are very close to killing him, he continues taunting them with jokes and his cool demeanor. He is never loud or rash and always speaks calmly. Nothing can pierce his superior armor, and he always leaves everyone guessing about his next move. Staying calm in stressful situations is helpful even if you don’t have a license to kill. 

Tip #3: Be humorous. Let’s be honest. The most likable men are funny. They know how to entertain and engage others. Humour is a sign of intelligence, and it’s an incredibly desirable trait – especially when it comes to romantic conquests. James Bond is not a comedian by any means, but everything he says is well thought out and delivered with precision, which is something every woman wants in a man.

Tip #4: Be strong. There’s nothing more attractive than a partner that a woman can turn to when needed. Whether it’s just emotional support or a pair of strong hands, women are attracted to reliable men. Bond is a fine example of a strong man. He is physically fit, fearless, and emotionally stable. Of course, we’re talking about a fictional character, but these traits aren’t impossible to attain.

Does Bond really transcend all generations?

The world has changed a lot since author and former British naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1953. In the eyes of younger generations, Bond is little more than a misogynist that’s completely out of touch with social reality. Most of that stems from the fact that Fleming celebrated women’s liberation solely on a sexual level. As such, Bond’s attitude is increasingly regarded as toxic and that of a villain rather than a hero.  

So why are women still attracted to James Bond?

A study from the University of Durham shows that women found the Dark Triad personality significantly more attractive than the Light Triad. According to researchers, sexual selection is likely at work. In other words, women prefer “male quality” for reproduction, and choose men for their confidence and risk-taking tendencies. This can help explain women’s attraction to Bond, who possesses DT personality traits of narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.


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