Why Slots Are A Real Man’s Game

Sure, James Bond plays a mean game of baccarat, and plenty of “guy” movies show the dramatic tension between rivals in high-stakes poker games.

It’s certainly fun to watch these types of competitive card games, especially if you’re not the one having to put your finances or other prized possessions on the line when the pot gets too big, or try to assess whether the next hand could propel a player to victory or lead to swift defeat.

It turns out that there are other casino games that are even more exciting, especially slots. With these games, every spin is a new chance to win. And instead of watching other people make great bets, you’re the one in control.

Slots are often portrayed as being more low-key than your average table games, possibly because it’s you against the machine, rather than human opponents and the dealer all battling together.

The truth is that slots are plenty of fun, whether you’re playing in an actual casino or online. And men love them too, as an Oregon State University study found. In fact, researchers found that a big reason that men like slots is the simple ability to make money, whether it’s a few lucky spins or a focused effort over several hours.

Other reasons that online slots can be especially enjoyable for men include:

  • So many choices. Poker and blackjack are fun but you’re always playing with the same cards. Slots offer a whole lot of variety in terms of colors, symbols, sounds and even some great animations. It’s easy to pick your favorite and always keep coming back to it. 32Red flash casino, for instance, offers 300 different slot games. This way you can choose something new every time you play or keep coming back to slot games that you’ve enjoyed in past sessions.
  • You control the betting. Some people say hate playing table games because other players always pressure them to increase their bets, even if they’re not that confident in their hand. With slots, you always decide how much you want to bet even before you spin. You can have the opportunity for bigger jackpots the bigger you bet. Plus, smaller wins can also build up nicely.
  • It’s you vs. random forces. No need to count cards or watch for tells and all those distracting things that are easy in theory but hard to do in real life. With slots, every spin is based on complete luck – which makes a good spin even more enjoyable when everything comes together just the way you want it.
  • Opportunities for bonuses. In addition to traditional slots, which are always fun, many online gaming apps also make it enjoyable by presenting all sorts of treats for regular players, like extra spins, double or triple value spins, or other enjoyable incentives.
  • Progressive play. The more people playing the same game, the bigger the potential prize can be for one lucky winner. There are certainly high odds of winning, but every guy playing knows that he’s going to be that one.

Overall, online casinos have plenty to like for men players.



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