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5 Exciting Gadgets to Revamp Your House

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Technology has permeated into every sphere of our lives, including our homes. Home improvement gadgets like smart lighting, wireless locks, and even drone cameras have become reasonably available household items. These are more than just fancy showpieces providing practical solutions to everyday problems. With their simple design backed by improved functioning, the latest home improvement technologies have made household activities more efficient and conserve space. Here’s a list of the five most exciting home improvement technologies you can get.

  1. Wireless LED Light Bulbs

The smart LED Lighting System has truly made lighting up our homes far more convenient than before. What makes these truly stylish and practical is how you can control them with your smartphone, a perfect showcase of cutting-edge technology. Just a simple tap on your smartphone can switch the bulbs on or off. A Wi-Fi bridge controls the lighting system through a mobile app. You can either remotely turn on the lights or schedule it using your phone. Ideal for homes and offices, these high-quality LED lights are energy-saving too. 

  1. UV Light Portable Cell Phone Sanitizer

Coming with 360-degree circulation, these cell phone sanitizers help kill germs by as much as 99.9%. These gadgets help eliminate the germs that accumulate on your phone, jewelry, keys, watches, or credit cards through contact with surfaces or your hands. Put the infected item into the box. Close the lid and turn it on. The gadget connects through a USB cable, and there’s a green light, which flashes to indicate that the process of disinfection is on. Give it three to five minutes and take your gadget out when the light stops flashing, an indication that the job’s done.

  1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning and vacuuming your home become much easier with a robot vacuum cleaner. We suggest a range of such gadgets from one of the pioneers of robot vacuum cleaners, Deboot from Ecovacs. The latest model from Deboot, the 3-dimensional D77, comes with a cool smart technology that helps it navigate obstacles after detecting them. What makes it truly smart is that it can empty its dustbin by itself. Having different modes of cleaning, they are suitable for floors of various types. The time-scheduling feature allows you to pre-set these cleaners to clean your floors in your absence.

  1. Reusable Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Swedish wholesale reusable cellulose sponge cloths are not necessarily the most ground-breaking inventions around. However, their eco-friendly nature should earn them a spot in your kitchen. An absorption capacity of over 20 times their weight makes them super absorbent. What’s more, even when they’re wet, they’re soft to touch, and they remain gritty enough for a hard scrub. What makes them even easier to use is how they are so easy to clean. Simply put them in your dishwasher’s top rack, and they’re clean ready to be used again. They don’t give you that feel of a wet sponge and can be soaked in bleach too. They are long-lasting and remain as good as new even months after you’ve bought them.

  1. Smart Faucets

Environment-friendly smart faucets help you save water. The intelligent design of these gadgets helps you conserve energy, too. As you save both water and energy, you have that happy feeling of doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Since you don’t need to touch the faucet valves, they are hygienic to use and free of any sort of contamination. These are ideal for the elderly, children, and people with certain disabilities. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to save water and help in conservation, this is the gadget to have. 

Security First 

Irrespective of whether you’re installing a drone camera or using a smart refrigerator, every connected device is vulnerable to hacking. Well, connected smart devices like watches, refrigerators, or lights continuously share a wide range of user data with the manufacturers. Even a minor data breach can expose sensitive data like your health status, electricity usage, preferences, etc. Thus, you need the latest tools that will help you to secure the smart devices.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one such device that can elevate the security of your network. A VPN at home establishes an encrypted connection between the device and the internet, securing all communications as the end result. Thus, hackers or scammers won’t be able to lay their hands on your sensitive data. You can also escape unnecessary location tracking by using a VPN, as it allows you to hide your IP address. 


These five exciting home improvement technologies represent gadgets that make your daily life a much smoother experience. These gadgets also help save energy that makes them smart conservationists of our environment. Smart devices like water faucets and LED lights help reduce carbon footprint, too. These incredible technological inventions are here to bring a sea change in the way we live.


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