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How to enjoy Disney Plus with VPN

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Let’s face it – you are never old to watch a Disney movie. It is the most evergreen content and we know that no matter how old you are, you will enjoy it. Yet, Disney went one step further, becoming Disney + and offering even more amazing content for everyone. A huge plus for all us geeks we must say! Just imagine The Mandalorian, Marvel movies, and Star Wars, just one click away. Perfect for the next binge-watching marathon.

It almost seems too good to be real, right? Well, we have some bad news. Disney + is restricted and only people from countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, or Switzerland can enjoy this content in all of its glory. But wait, before you continue scrolling on Netflix, looking for something that actually has a substance, there is a way! Three magic letters can turn your TV into an amazing source of entertainment -a VPN!

If you’ve been looking for a legal, original, and legitimate way to be able to watch Disney Plus on your device, you’ll want to read this article! There are some key points of why it’s worth it, but we will also cover the potential

VPN and Disney plus

Disney Plus is a Netflix-style streaming service that Disney released back in 2019. With this service, you will not only be able to watch Disney movies and TV shows but also Marvel movies and TV shows as well.  It currently has 28 million subscribers but one serious downside – it is geo-restricted.

What is left for us mortals then?

It’s necessary to use a VPN to access that amazing content. A VPN can bypass these blocks by pretending to be in the United States.

But! You need to know that Disney + has learned some of our tricks and they can detect the VPN traffic. So it is important to be selective once you are choosing the one that will override all the obstacles and let you enjoy your all-time favorites. If you are not sure where to begin – VPNSurfers did that homework instead of you. 

They listed the best VPNs that are simply bulletproof when it comes to overcoming all the traps set by Disney +.

How to Watch Disney Plus with a VPN

Once you explore your options, choose one of the VPN providers from the list. 

Installation of a VPN is not complicated, just like every program you need to follow the steps. Yet, you need to be careful not to end up with more antivirus programs whose installation might be hidden in the installation steps. Read the terms and conditions!

The next step is to connect to the server of your choice which also allows Disney +. 

Connect, log in from any device you want, and enjoy your favorite programs!


There are many reasons you should consider using a VPN to watch Disney Plus. You simply don’t want to miss that great content, that is first and foremost. VPN can help you unlock the other streaming services as well and find some amazing hidden gems to stream right away.

Another reason is anonymity. With a VPN you can rest assured that your data is protected and that you are safe from cyber-attacks.  Using a VPN service allows users to connect to the internet without being tracked by other people or companies.

Just make sure you find a trustworthy VPN provider, only by doing research you will know if the hype around it was worth it or not.



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