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The Future of AI and ChatGPT, According to Kamales Lardi

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ChatGPT is a chatbot that was developed by OpenAI in November of 2022. ChatGPT is used to perform tasks more efficiently and has recently hit the impressive milestone of reaching over 100 million users.

With so much recent success, people are now wondering what the future of AI and ChatGPT holds. The award-winning global tech leader Kamales Lardi recently had a lot to say about this topic and his predictions. Lardi is a very strategic thinker when it comes to the concept of digital and business transformation. She brings more than 23 years of deep cross-industry experience to the table.

Machine learning—the ability of machines to learn and adapt without being given explicit instructions—is rapidly evolving. Lardi believes that these advances will continue to enhance the capabilities of different language models, such as ChatGPT. Whether these models are used to perform difficult tasks such as producing code or simply writing content, we will likely see more advances in the coming years. More companies will utilize ChatGPT and other AI programs to increase productivity and profits.

For language models to be utilized as a part of more applications, Lardi feels that OpenAI and other similar companies may need to further develop and streamline their processes, making them more accessible. Kamales explains, “It’s expected that advances in machine learning and natural language processing will keep enhancing the capabilities of language models like ChatGPT. The ability of language models to comprehend and produce human-like language, as well as to do increasingly difficult tasks like producing code or writing extensive articles, should continue to advance over the course of the upcoming year.” Improvements in training methods and data, as well as ethical considerations, will allow for better handling of sensitive subjects while also opening up new and exciting opportunities for consumers, companies, and researchers. 

Despite some apprehensive opinions regarding AI, Kamales Lardi feels that we’re going to see more pairings between companies like ChatGPT and Microsoft. This chatbot can work with programs such as Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word to organize data and formulate a clear text. Text will be able to be generated using natural language, translations will be simpler, and analyzing data will be streamlined like never before. Regarding big business, AI and ChatGPT advancements will be highly influential as part of a company’s daily text needs. From emails to full presentations and reports, this technology can largely shape the future.



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