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Unbelievable Uses of Waze You Never Knew Existed

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“Waze is much more than a simple GPS app; it’s a tool that can be deployed in a multitude of ways that many users may not be aware of”, claims Dominic Wyatt, an International Drivers Association Motoring Expert.

Waze has gone far beyond providing voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic updates; instead, it has come up with unique solutions that make life simpler for us all. In this piece, we aim to explore some of Waze’s lesser-known but equally useful capabilities.

Real-Time Roadside Assistance

Waze is well-known for providing drivers with efficient routes to their desired destinations, but it has also introduced a feature to enable drivers to report car breakdowns in real-time and allow others to view these reports, giving them the chance to lend assistance if they possess relevant skills or resources.

Connecting Social Events with Smart Navigation

Event planning today involves much more than choosing dates, venues, and catering; Waze bridges the gap between hosting an event and guiding attendees directly to its location with one simple click. Integrate an event from Facebook or other event platforms into Waze and attendees can use Waze to navigate directly there with just one click!

Warning for High Crime Areas

“Awareness is the first step towards safety”.

Waze has developed its navigation system to alert its users about potentially hazardous areas by including crime data in its system, serving as an early warning alarm when passing through high crime areas.

Leveraging Data for Urban Situation Analysis

Cities can become smarter by harnessing Waze data. The app’s extensive collection of traffic patterns, congestion areas, and frequent accident locations could prove useful to urban planners and transport authorities as a tool.

Promoting Local Businesses

“Local businesses add color and diversity to our cities,” states Wyatt. Local businesses may now connect with customers through Waze by marking their business on the app; increased visibility can drive customer traffic, giving an economic boost that may help support local economies.

Creating a Gas Station Ecosystem

Waze goes beyond simple navigation by helping users locate nearby gas stations along their journey, which may come in handy during times when fuel availability becomes essential.

Reminding You to Leave on Time

Waze is an effective way to plan your drives ahead. By simply entering your desired time and date of arrival, Waze will remind you when it’s time to leave, taking into account real-time traffic conditions.

These lesser-known aspects of Waze illustrate its full potential as more than just a navigation app. As Dominic Wyatt explained it: “Technology’s ultimate role is to make life simpler, and Waze plays its part.” When using Waze next time, keep this in mind – not only should it enhance your journey towards its end destination but also every aspect along its path!

Credits to: International Driver’s Association


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