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11 Best Uses of Super Glue

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Minor repairs are inevitable. But when they happen, reaching out for your super glue may be the most relevant solution. Glues can be successfully used on hard-to-bond surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, even human skin. Here are the top uses of superglue; some will amaze you.

  1. Temporary Wood Mounts

Holding two or more pieces of wood can be a daunting task. The best way to temporarily keep them together before you fix a nail or screw is by applying super glue to hold them together. 

However, super glue is not a long-lasting wood adhesive; therefore, it is possible to deconstruct the wood pieces where necessary. Super glue is also a suitable wood hardener. Soaking wood in super glue hardens the thin section of wood for use where necessary.

     2.  Auto Maintenance


Super glue is a must-have in your car for minor car repairs. Some of the ways super glue can come in handy in your vehicle are to fix broken side mirrors, cracked tail lights and to seal loose or ripped vinyl upholstery. 

     3. Stopping Runs and Pulls

Applying super glue is an effective way to stop runs in nylons and pulls in sweaters. A gentle amount of superglue used on the start point of a pull or a run will seal the nylon fibers to prevent running.

     4. Fashion Accessories

Super glue can come to your rescue when the lens of your glasses breaks out, a broken hair clip necklace, or watch or when the bag strap falls out. Consider carrying a small amount of superglue as you travel in case of an unwanted emergency.

     5. Shoes and Boots Repair

Even your most favorite shoe or boot will show signs of wear and tear after prolonged use. When this happens, there is no need to throw them away. You can permanently reattach the pieces using super glue.

    6. Protects Guitarists’ Fingers

Guitarists are familiar with the wear and tear that comes with the continuous picking of guitar strings. A thin layer of super glue Is applied to the fingers and left to dry to prevent pain when playing. The best way to remove the adhesive from your fingers is by soaking it into a nail polish remover or acetone. 

But for people with sensitive skin, a guitar pick could be an alternative. 

    7. Used in the Emergency Kit

A superglue tube is small enough to take up the least space possible. When placed in the emergency kit, it can do multiple things in case of an accident. In a survival situation, having superglue in your equipment can do wonders. 

   8. Nail Care

Most nail specialists are familiar with the use of super glue. It is mainly used in most nail salons to fix broken or split nails to look as good as new.

   9. Bathroom Repairs

The waterproof nature of super glue makes it ideal for bathroom repairs. Bathroom repair options are endless, from loose bathroom tiles or repairing a broken shower caddy or fixing a tissue holder on the wall. 

  10. Underwater Bondage

Cured super glue is completely waterproof, allowing it to be used on items exposed to water. For instance, applying super glue can be used to seal a hole in a garden hose. 

  11. Fix a Handle

A hand tool is useless with a broken handle. There is no need to throw away broken screwdrivers, trowels, shears, or loppers. Rubbing a dab of super glue on them can give them a second life. 



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