5 Points to Consider When Taking Payday Loan in 2022

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Sourcing emergency funds can sometimes be challenging, with many disappointments from friends and family. However, taking payday loans could be one of the best options to fund your urgent needs. Payday loans are commonly short-term loans agreed to be paid on the next payday. Although some lenders in 2022 offer more money, most provide small amounts to borrowers, typically $500 or less. Payday loans have high-interest rates and come with several fees, but the benefit of payday loans is they are instant and convenient to get.

How Payday Loans Work

Payday loans are often called different names, such as same-day loans, deferred deposit loans, cash advance loans, or check advance loans, but typically, they all work in the same way. A postdated check is given to the lender to get a payday loan, covering the full amount of the loan and the charges. The lender could also be authorized to electronically debit the borrower’s checking account to repay the loan.

Cash in 1 hour no credit checks Centrelink is typically short-term loans due for the next payday. However, some lenders may grant borrowers more time. For example, lenders could have one to six months to repay their payday loans depending on the terms agreed with the lender.

State Regulations For Payday Loans

No set rules constitute payday loans; therefore, each lender sets its terms and conditions. These terms are designed to benefit the lenders and could be risky for the borrowers. However, each state has different laws regarding payday loan. Payday loans are prohibited in some states, while others have certain restrictions to protect the lenders and the borrowers. For example, some states set a maximum amount and loan term for each loan. Some states also set an age limit for borrowers.

Factors To Consider Before Taking A Payday Loan

In Australia, there are no set rules that constitute payday loans. Therefore, taking payday loans is something that should be carefully thought out. You can discuss your decision with friends, family, or a financial adviser for better options. However, if you decide to go with a payday loan, consider these five factors.

  •   They’re Expensive
  •   The Fine Print
  •   Online Unlicensed Lenders
  •   Consequences For Defaulting
  •   It Won’t Build Credit

They’re Expensive

Unlike bank loans and other loans, payday loans are expensive. Lenders often charge high-interest rates and fees on their loans. This increases the amount to be repaid. When borrowers default, they would be penalized, could be

The Fine Print

The terms and conditions for the payday loan are essential. This shows factors such as the amount to be paid as interest and penalties for defaulting. Before signing any agreement, ensure you read the fine prints carefully. Also, ensure that the terms for the loan are understood and clarified. This way, it is easy to uncover all the traps in the contract. If you have problems understanding the terms and conditions of your contract, you can consult the services of a legal adviser.

Online Unlicensed Lenders

When searching for payday loan companies, be mindful that several unlicensed lenders are on the internet. Requesting a loan from unlicensed lenders could be risky, as most are fraudulent. Exposing your details to them could put you at grave risk. To get secure payday loans, it’s usually best to patronize prominent lenders like Viva payday loans, Heart Paydays, Credit clock, and Money lender squad.

Consequences For Defaulting

Taking payday loans comes with serious responsibility, as defaulting attracts heavy fines. Most times, the penalties for defaulting on a payday loan could be as much as the initial amount borrowed. Therefore, before taking payday loans, ensure you consider the consequences of defaulting. Ensure you can repay the loan, and you are fully aware of the penalties of defaulting.

It Won’t Build Credit.

One last factor to consider if you reside in Australia that payday loans won’t build your credit score, unlike other bank loans. The credit bureaus don’t have a record of your loan history with your payday lenders. One of the reasons could be that your credit score is not needed to secure payday loans.


Payday loans can help solve urgent needs; however, they can be a serious problem if defaulted. The borrower could pay more than bargained for in fines for defaulting. Before taking a payday loan, ensure that other loan options have been considered. Also, ensure that you can repay the loan as at when due. If you are struggling with debt or don’t have a steady source of income, obtaining payday loans may not be the best option for you.



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