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6 Legit Ways to Hustle Online and Make Extra Cash

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Whether it’s saving up for that next Jay Z concert or you just need a boost in your monthly income, we all can do with a little extra cash. Here are 6 hassle-free ways to make money online and from anywhere.

To begin with, here is the best part about online hustle; you can actually use any device to make more money so long as it is internet enabled. So whether you have a desktop, laptop or Smartphone, all you need is ample internet connection. Without further ado, let’s explore the 6 ways to make extra cash and live financially free.

Run Errands for People

Sometimes we get laid off from work losing the only source of income we had. Life happens, but rather than sit around moping, you could take a temporary job of doing small errands for people. There are websites today for this kind of service and people get paid to pick up groceries, mail a check to someone, pick up laundry or even tend to a garden. It may not come with a sophisticated title and a swinging chair but as long as you are keeping your income flowing, the better.

Turn your Passion to Profit

Everyone has that one extra thing they are good at that they are not being paid for. It could be a good eye for photography, unrivalled baking skills or ingenuity for crafting ornaments from waste plastic or pieces of metals. Whatever activity you enjoy, and most likely have it categorised as a hobby, you could turn it into profit.

There are plenty of online sites that can help you sell this gift to potential buyers. You can be hired for $5 per job or win an hourly rate of $150. There is money to be made as long as you package and sell your talent professionally and with the enthusiasm, you exhume while doing it.

Sell Stuff You Don’t Use

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so it’s about time you made money from items you have no use for. It could be those old clothes that have outgrown you, the 24 inch plasma you replaced with a 50 inch LCD or that electric guitar gathering dust in your basement when you gave up your dream of becoming a metal artist. Comb through every nook and cranny of your house and chances are you will find an item you can sell for extra cash.

We all know of popular online retail sites that sell both new and used items. You only need to validate the condition of your particular items in order to sell them. If it still works fine, then someone else will put it to good use, and your bank account remains active.

Venture into Stock Trading

Did you know you can become a successful stock trader with as little as $10 in your pocket? With this new era of CFD accounts and Binary Trading accounts, there is plenty of money to be made by the young and old, rich or struggling. There is an avalanche of online trading websites like CMC Markets that offer free accounts to trade in.

Such stock trading sites provide useful tips for trading binaries or CFDs. They keep you informed on the latest selling commodities, indices or equities and provide useful resources to evaluate price movement in the stock market. And here is the best part, you can trade stocks online from your desktop at home or while on the go via a mobile app. So long as the internet connection is great, you are one trade away from becoming a millionaire.

Become a freelance writer

You were a genius in high school essays and campus dissertations, so how about you help other students with their own essays and get paid? Academic writing has been around for a while, and though you may not have put much thought into it, it can actually boost your income. There are writers who get paid $25 for an essay and those pro-writers who now command a fee of $500 on every work done.

It’s all about how you package yourself and the efforts you make to improve as a writer. And guess what, as long as there are undergraduates or postgraduate students in the world, you will always have someone to write for.

So if the next job is taking too long to come, you are a bored stay at home parent or just want to boost your monthly paycheck, the internet has plenty of opportunities for you. Pick any of the above ideas, put the work and watch it turn into a profitable venture.


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