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8 Things You Won’t Believe are Banned in the USA

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Understanding some of the laws in the United States can be pretty weird if you’re coming from outside. You can get a gun or a high-powered rifle in the store next door, but still you’re not able to place sport bets and play casino games. And to make things even more interesting, in some states you can actually do both. Nevada of course comes first to mind, but there’s also New Jersey and Delaware. But knowing where to play legal online in New Jersey for example, is just as important so you don’t get in trouble. So let’s dive into this topic a little. Since weapons are not banned in the States, here are some bizarre things that are.

Waking Up Sleeping Bears

Yes, you read that right. You can shoot a bear in cold blood, because that’s legal in Alaska, but you can’t wake up a bear to take a picture or something unless you want to get into trouble. It’s a known fact that the biggest population of bears in America is in the Alaska state. The bears there are kind of treated like people, because they have laws that protects them.


Drunk Surfing

As one of the best physical activities, surfing carries quite a bit of a risk. No matter how experienced you are, accidents tend to happen all the time. You can only imagine how things could escalate if alcohol is included too. This is the reason why the state of Iowa banned surfing under the influence of alcohol. The interesting thing about this ban, is the fact that Iowa is a landlocked state, and there is no reason for such a law, but that’s okay, let’s suppose that they know best.

Feeding Pigs with Garbage

You probably know that pigs are members of the small group of animals that are willing to eat almost everything you give them. That’s where the metaphors from for people who eat a lot (they eat like pigs). This animal is always hungry and it will eat anything, even garbage. This act is allowed in every state, except in North Carolina. This state has a regulation that regards cooking the garbage first before giving it to the pigs.

Internet Cafes

To prevent the illegal gambling that is often happening in Internet cafes, Florida has banned them in general with an immediate shutdown in the year of 2013. This law is still in motion.

Bare-Hand Fishing

Fishing is a great hobby and many people enjoy the calmness and still waters as the perfect escape from the town and all the noise that comes with it. And lucky for you, fishing is a totally legal activity in all of the American states, with some regulations, but still free. The state of Indiana has a strict law about fishing which requires a fishing rod. You are not allowed to do this activity with bare hands. But then again who does that anyway?

Texting and Walking

This is a relatively new law in Hawaii. You can’t look at your phone or text while you’re crossing the street. The fines start at $15 and can go to $100 if you make a multiple violations of the law. Somehow this is understandable, because this activity causes approximately 12,000 injuries per year. So, don’t be surprised if it gets banned in other states as well.

Peeing in Public

Public urination is a serious offence in Michigan. If you get caught, you are forced to pay a fine up to $500, and still face up 90 days in jail cell. That’s not all, you will probably be registered as a sex offender too. So don’t mess with this law, because you can get yourself in real trouble.

Balloons in the Sky

Almost every birthday party, wedding, or other special occasion has balloons as decoration and a way to lighten up the mood. The state of Virginia has a ban regarding balloons in the air. Despite the fact that balloons are harmless, you’re allowed to release up to 50 balloons in the air per hour.



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