Do you want to buy a handpan drum? It’s all you need to know

All new is well overlooked old. Handpan is a combination of new life experience and centuries-old traditions.

Handpan – word for a cluster of instruments which base on the Hang instrument. It was invented by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in 2000. But in 2014 they closed the project.

Steel pan drums are produced across the globe. But what made this kind of drum so popular? Back in 2000 people were amazed by the sound and look of first handpans. What about today? Just the same – their power was only increased by a fresh view of new creators. Now no matter how you found out about handpans, you want it badly. That’s great! But before you start digging up the Internet in search of any information, consider the advice:

Prepare your credit card.

The price can be different. On average, it is 2100 – 2300 USD. There is a company offering a handpan for sale .

No hurry

Handpan is a magical creation with an unforgettable appearance. You probably think it is just another attribute of your dreams coming true and yes, maybe it is. But understand that:

  1. This is a very delicate instrument. For storage and traveling, you will need a special bag. If you drop or hit a handpan, it will go out of tune. Cold and hot climates can affect its sound and tuning quality as well. And moisture, too. Be ready to take care of it every day.
  2.  It’s not a guitar or piano – it has a particular scale. All your compositions will be in one tonality. If you want more tonalities you’ll need more instruments. Concentrate on the sound. Listen to all before buying one. If you choose accessories (stands, braided edgings), check how they affect the sound.
  3. Additional tune-up. It depends on your playing technique, but you must be prepared for an additional tune-up once in a year or two.

At this moment you should sit down and think about this purchase.

Why do you need a handpan?

Handpan is an instrument for fully-fledged musicians, mostly percussionists or drum players and others. You need some kind of music theory in your mind to compose melodies. But many non-musical people or beginner musicians are drawn to these instruments for their specific sound.  But original handpans are not always easy to deal with for inexperienced people. This is not a problem though, because many manufacturers, like RAV Vast, offer a wide variety of handpans that are easy to play and suit various purposes. You may find there yoga drums, meditation drums, and many others. And the prices are much lower.

Don’t waste your time

You make an order and wait for your beloved pan. In this period you can start to learn the basics of music theory or take classes on a different percussion or melodic instrument. Also, learn how to care – the best way to do this is to ask a manufacturer about it.

Hold your attention on the details

Firstly, you need money for the tool itself. Secondly, you will need to pay for the shipping of it to your area. Think well before choosing a shipping method. Remember to check on the shipping price. Think about safety, probably you’ll need to buy a hard case. You may want to consider the option of shipping insurance and ask about warranty on the pan. Remember about customs taxes and VAT fees: find out relevant information – charges for import packages in your country.

Buying a handpan is not a momentary thing, it requires patience and time. You need to choose an instrument that not only lives up to your demand, but also the one that you can play with comfort. Communicate to a manager on a selling website – only a professional, having understood your tasks, will be able to accurately choose the most suitable instrument and accessories for you.


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