Finding A Mattress Fit For You: Different Bed Types You Can Order Online

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You might think that this is such a small or insignificant thing to think about since all you’ll really need is a bed to sleep on every night. However, many people beg to differ that a bed is the most important thing when going to sleep – we are not exempt from that crowd!

Just having a bed to sleep on and having an amazing bed that can take all of your weariness away is a completely different thing!

Since it’s such an important thing, why should it be done online and not through the classic method of going to the stores and feeling and testing out the mattress? Well, this way cuts out the middlemen and gets you your mattress as soon as possible with better efficiency and definitely less stress as well! Don’t forget that there are services that offer free trial periods as well – which would last for up to 180 days!

Mattress in a Box

These are the types of beds that anyone would think of when they’re ordering a bed online, right? You know, the ones that get delivered to your home in a box, compressed and rather neatly packed in. With the many beds on the market, you can easily find the best mattress in a box online.

Firstly, you’re thinking of getting a bed that’s made out of memory foam, the extra comfy stuff that hugs your body whenever you sleep! Knowing that you’re looking for memory foam mattresses narrows your search down to the different types of memory foam beds you want. Whether you sleep on your side, on your back, or on your belly, there are memory foam mattresses that suit your style!

You shouldn’t be too worried about the prices when it comes to these things since they’ll be a very long-term investment. You would be prioritizing the durability and longevity of the mattress rather than the price, right? It would suck if you spent more than three thousand dollars on a bed that didn’t even last you a year, right?

Traditional Spring Mattress

The longest-standing and the one with the longest and most reliable standing: The innerspring mattress. This would be quite the opposite of what a memory foam mattress is – if those were all foam, this would have spring support and a padded layer. This is the mattress you would want if you’re dead set on getting a sturdy mattress with prominent edges(if you’re an over-active sleeper, of course).

Yes, this type of mattress is the sturdiest one since it has the most support, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be soft! Today’s traditional spring mattresses are designed to be soft, well-made, and very long-lasting! So if you want reliability, then you’re going to want to lean towards these tried-and-true mattresses! Having an innerspring mattress could even save you some money since they don’t really need a bed frame!

Innerspring mattresses mean there are metal springs inside them. You know what that means: the spring layer retains no body heat at all, so a cool and refreshing bed is what you’ll be enjoying when you sleep! This level of sturdiness isn’t as prominent in other bed types, especially the memory foam beds! Not to mention how there’s little to no off-gassing present with innerspring mattresses since the padded layer may not contain petroleum.

Hybrid Mattress

With today’s science and magic, we have come to the amalgamation of the previously mentioned mattresses into one happy middle! An extremely squishy and cushiony layer still gets the full support of the springs and even the sturdy edges to keep you from falling! If you’re looking for that nice spinal alignment that you get with memory foam but want a little more support, then a hybrid mattress is your top pick! 

There are even hybrid mattresses that use different types of foam, which all have different purposes, of course. If you want a cooler sensation when sleeping, consider a mattress with a smart gel layer. If you’re a side-sleeper, then find a mattress that provides you with increased airflow and strong support so you don’t get stuck on one side while sleeping. Consider a plant-based foam mattress!

Suppose you’re into more natural and eco-friendly mattresses. In that case, there are alternatives to that, just like the plant-based memory foam used. Although often overlooked, the plant-based memory foam(which is popular in hybrid mattresses) uses less petroleum and volatile organic compounds, making off-gassing less noticeable.


If you don’t know where to start, don’t forget that you’re ordering online, which means that there are plenty of trustworthy and dependable websites that you can visit. If those aren’t enough for you, there are the reviews of other people. They willingly posted it, so you can get a second opinion if it’s your first time doing something like buying a mattress online!


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