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Fresh Dog Food Can Enhance Your Dog’s Life Quality

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Dogs as pets are the most fun and amazing creatures to be with. They are loyal, caring, easily tamed, and a life-long source of happiness for the family. But all these fun and activities are dependent on the quality of life that you have given to your dog. This involves the food and nutrition that you are feeding your pet as it is the only thing that determines its level of activeness and happiness around the household. In this regard, studies suggest that raw and fresh dog food is essential for a healthy and happy dog with enhanced life quality.

Dogs have a different digestive system than humans. Their diet and the nutrients intake must cater to the needs of their growing muscles and stronger bones. If their internal organs are not fed with sufficient nutrients, the dog may fall ill or be too weak to survive. This will be a devastating thing for the animal and the whole family, in case it happens. That is why it is very important to feed the dog with safe, healthy, and balanced dog food for prominent and unhindered growth.

Here are a few fresh foods that your dog can easily digest and will also provide sufficient vitamins and minerals to remain active:

White rice

In case your dog’s stomach is upset or they have any digestive tract issues, plain white rice can be the best option for a fresh dog food item as they are easy to swallow and digest. Besides, they are lighter for the digestive system as less energy is required to process them. However, rice also contains sugar and starch so it should be fed as a side dish in limited portions, especially to dogs with diabetes.

Dairy products

Milk, cheese, and yogurt can be given to your dog, but in small quantities. Sometimes, dogs may be lactose intolerant which can make them allergic to dairy products and can cause severe diarrhea. Thus, make sure only a small portion of dairy is given to them for calcium intake, not as the main meal course.


Fish are a rich source of protein and minerals. The oil in the fish keeps the gut healthy and smooth, providing the necessary moisture to it.

Salmon, tuna, and shrimps are safe for dogs. They can be fed as cooked or raw. They promote a stronger immunity system, and healthy skin and coat.

However, one must ensure that the raw fish is clean as a fresh food source, as harmful bacteria may make your dog fall ill.


Plain, boiled chicken, without any seasoning, can be a good source of instant energy and a feeling of fullness for the dog’s stomach. However, chicken must be fed in measured portions, depending on the dog’s capacity to digest it.


Just like chicken, turkey meat is a good source of protein for the dog along with being an instant energy booster. However, excess fat must be removed from the turkey before feeding it to your dog as this fat can create pancreatic issues in the dog.

Some fruits and vegetables

Apples are a rich source of vitamin A and C for the dog. They also contain fiber which helps regulate the dog’s digestion. Thus, apples can make a good evening snack for your dog. However, make sure you never feed your dog rotting apples as they can get too acidic and poisonous, in some cases.  

Another fresh dog food item for your dog’s diet include carrots. These are high in fiber content like apples with similar benefits for gut health. Besides, carrots can help strengthen the dog’s oral health and teeth strength.

Moreover, blueberries, watermelon, and bananas can also be a rich sources of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Your dog’s health is dependent on the food that you are feeding them. The fresh dog food sources mentioned above will ensure a stable growth free of diseases for your dog. Thus, a balanced diet containing all such food items will enhance the quality of your dog’s health and life.


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