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Get A Killer Decal For Your iPad

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When it comes to the tablet versus iPad debate, you’re Team iPad through and through. It doesn’t even matter what tablet goes up against which iPad because you know Apple’s performance and design will always overshadow a Windows device. If your iPad’s going to continue beat out the competition, you’re going to need something to protect it while you take it wherever you go. That something isn’t a case or plastic covering—it’s a skin!

Part of the reason why you chose your iPad over the other options is the way it looks. Apple is known for its streamlined, sleek design of modern lines and clean contours. Their designers spent hundreds of hours creating this design, and each bend, bezel, and button is in place for a reason. Why then would you pick a protective case that actively works against this design?

A case is a bulky piece of plastic that totally augments the original lines of the iPad, beefing it out in places it was never meant to be big. Meanwhile it can interfere with the operation of your buttons and ports if they’re not measured or applied correctly.

iPad skins, on the other hand, are made with Apple’s minimalist design vocabulary in mind. They’re made out of a thin 3M vinyl that complements the structure of the device, adding barely any dimension to your iPad. Cut to their exact specifications, there’s no more vinyl than absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, the vinyl material of the best iPad skins is a durable and reliable defence against daily wear and tear. It protects your device from scuffs, scratches, and gouges that can incur with extended use. Its textured surface makes it easier to grip as well, so your iPad won’t slip through your hands as easily.

If you happen to have the iPad Pro, which is a monstrous 12.04 by 8.69 inches, then this anti-slip grip can seriously come in handy!

These iPad skins apply very similarly to a decal. They’re even made out of the same 3M vinyl that professionally decaled cars, trucks, and other vehicles sport. That means you know they’ll stay on—no matter where you take your iPad. At the same time, they’re easily removable and interchangeable, so if you’re the kind of person who gets tired of the same look, you can replace it without worrying about gooey residues.

Looks are important, obviously, and a raw vinyl skin wouldn’t be flattering—regardless of how well it complements the curves of your iPad. That’s why it’s important to keep a look out for those iPad decals that can provide stylish options. You can find the coolest iPad decals to buy from where your choices are many. There are fun textures like wood, leather, and metallic to pair up with true colors. You can combine these until you arrive at an arrangement that befits your beautiful iPad.

With an expertly designed, precision cut 3M vinyl skin covering your iPad, you won’t have to worry about scuffs or scratches ruining the look or function of your device. And when it’s still looking and performing at its best, your iPad will still reign victorious over all other tablets. So start your search today and find a killer decal.


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