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Why men are afraid of intelligent women

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Why men are afraid of intelligent girls? The myth is about to be busted!

Men often say that they’d love to date a smart girl (or ONLY a smart girl). But when it comes to it, men would tend to act strangely and reject their previous decisions. Why does this happen? Why are men afraid of intelligent girls? Let’s find out with Your Brides Agency and then try to bust that!

First of all, men are threatened that a woman can overpower their masculinity. This is a basic reason and a biggest of the worries. Far too many ring-less women occupy corner office; with big brains come big bucks, which leads man to feel emasculated. Why are we so afraid of that? Well, maybe because masculinity is the thing that actually make us who we are – men. It consists of high self-esteem, the patriarchal assurance of your own prudence, respectful approach to women.

Basically, it’s all about our ego. Just imagine your girl suddenly becoming a first raw top model, and next day everyone starts questioning – and what does her man do? Eh, you’d be really devastated. Her self-confidence can be harmful to you although it doesn’t worsen her – but you. At first, we love them to be confident, self-reliant girls – that is, until they become too vocal about the direction of the relationship or about how their job is too exhausting. Sometimes men prefer less attractive and dumber girl because they suggest she wouldn’t cheat on them.

Strong, aggressive, ambitious people intimidate weak, passive, lackadaisical people regardless of sex. They remind these people of the existential crisis that cause their current state of being. It’s the gap in intelligence —not gender — that causes the intimidation. The intimidated male might not be intimidated by the woman, but by the power, ambition and aggressiveness, and his reaction may cause a woman to see it as her being a woman. When it comes down to it, all men have a little bit of intimidation in them, simply because of the historical dominance of males in society. Men inherit millennia years of social and hierarchical dominance and either knowingly or unknowingly have an irrational fear of losing their territory. So, we can sum it up – there is a historical, biological and social basis for men to be afraid of intelligent women.
Different men have different needs. For the occasion, someone is looking for a broke girl to become her benefactor, while other searches for a rich woman to become his well-doer. But when it comes to intelligence, male ego appears to be hundred times stronger than female. Proving one’s superiority is a kind of hyper aim for a man. If you’re not in common with all this stuff, we can try to figure out what is it about you and your fears.

For the beginning, we need to define what intelligence is for you. Is it a trivial knowledge of numerous facts? Or is it wisdom accompanied with experience? It is a subjective question. What is necessary while defining the intelligence is to understand – is there anything you are afraid of in your own mind? No? So why should you be afraid of a smart girl?

Another thing is that you may appear to be smart in different branches of knowledge – so, you will accomplish each other. Isn’t it great – not only to be a couple but be complete together. In a nutshell, you will be much happier with an intelligent and successful woman instead of a mindless cutie. It only works for stupid guys; are you one of them?

Also, smart women are funny. Don’t bother about your ego – you are not the only one who can tell jokes, you can laugh at them, as well. When you find the real-life Amy Schumer to your Aaron Conners, you’ll be the one who has the last laugh.

Raising children is not the simplest assignment in the universe, you know it. So by choosing an intelligent woman you lower the chances for your kid to be criminal and imbecilic.
Did we prove the theory to be wrong? If not – go and find your smart girl and prove it by yourself!


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