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How to Choose the Perfect Wine Glass for Your Dinner Date

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When a man meets a woman that he is really interested in, he will do anything to impress her. And, of course, inviting her to a dinner date is the perfect occasion to get to know someone better. You probably have been in a similar situation many times as well.

You will show how interested you are even more if you invite her to a dinner date at your home. Not only because one does not invite everyone for dinner at home, but also because you will cook the dinner yourself. But women do pay attention to every single detail, and you have to be perfectly ready. That is why you have to choose a premium wine, but also the detail you should pay attention to is the wine glass since not every wine glass pairs well with every type of wine.

That is why we will see how to choose the perfect types of wine glass for your winner date, so let’s start.

Dinner With White Wine

Seafood is a great food pairing with white wines, especially with Chardonnay. This wine pairs well with dishes based on shellfish like shrimp, mussels, crab, and lobster. And if you have a nice oaked Chardonnay, a pan-seared salmon would complement this beautiful wine perfectly.


White wines, in general, are served in smaller bowled glasses because they preserve floral aromas, express more acidity, maintain colour temperature, and deliver more aromas. But, for a full-bodied white wine like a nice oak-aged Chardonnay, it is much better to choose a larger bowl. This large bowl will better emphasize the creamy texture because of the wider mouth.

Other full-bodied white wines that you can use with types of wine glass that are with a larger bowl are Viognier or some orange wines. Also, in order to impress your date, you should purchase some premium or rare wines, so click here to find out more about hard-to-find wines. It is important to search online on platforms like 8wines because choosing a rare type of wine will show that you are really interested in the person you have invited to dinner. You need to impress the person on every level in order to make the night special. 

Red Wine Dinner

If you are preparing a dinner that pairs well with red wine, like beef dishes or a quality steak of any kind, you definitely made the right choice. But as for types of wine glass to use with red wine, things are a little more complicated than with white wine. 

It is a little more complex because glass for red wine has a lot to do with mitigating spicy flavours or the bitterness of tannin in order to give you a smooth-tasting red wine. Experts say that red wines sometimes tend to taste smoother if the glass is with a wider opening. But, since it is not that simple, we will see three options here:

‘’Standard’’ Glass

Great for red wines with high levels of alcohol, if that is what you need to relax the atmosphere, especially for medium to full-bodied wines with some spicy notes. And since the opening of this types of wine glass is shorter and smaller, the spice is automatically softened since the flavours hit the tongue progressively. For this types of glass for wines, it is best to pick a Malbec wine.

Larger Round Bowl for Aroma Collector

Like wines made from the Burgundy region in France, red wines are best served in larger bowls with wider openings like the large round bowl glass. The rule applies because these types of wine glass help collect the aromas with these lighter but more delicate wines with a subtle aroma.

You can also purchase wines like Malbec or try something different like Syrah or Zinfandel. The large round bowl fits perfectly for these types of wine.

Tall With a Broad Bowl

For bolder red wines, like Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Cabernet Franc, the so-called Bordeaux glass is a perfect choice.

It is a tall glass with a broad bowl that is designed to direct the wine to the back of your mouth and to the top of your tongue. It pairs perfectly with these types of wine because the wider opening creates a smoother taste, and the larger surface area makes the ethanol evaporate. Also, it delivers more aromatic compounds.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne is maybe the most exciting type of wine since it allows many different food pairings you can combine. With classic Champagne, you can use steak or caviar, a roast chicken or lobster with dry Champagne, or an octopus with sweet Champagne.

As for the types of wine glass, there are several options. Here are the best choices:

  • Flute Glass – Cava or Cremant Champagne are best served in this glass, which preserves the bubbles.
  • Tulip Glass – It is excellent for Rose or Prosecco because of its wider bowl shape that collects more floral aromatics, so it is perfect for some fruity and more aromatic champagne. 
  • Coupe Glass – The most popular one and one that was most used in the 50s, it is excellent for sweet Champagne, and bubbles spread quickly and make a fruitier and softer wine. 
  • Wide Tulip Glass – Last but not least, best for aged Champagne, it collects brioche and biscuit flavours. Older Champagnes are best served in this wide tulip glass.  


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