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How to Get Kids Ready for Moving

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The switch from one geographical location to another on a permanent basis is not an easy task. As parents, the majority of the time, it’s not easy for you physically and financially due to the cost of moving and other logistics. However, the case is different for your kids as they are usually affected emotionally and psychologically. The fact that they have to leave the environment they grew up in and all their childhood friends with whom they now share bonds may be overwhelming. Still, you need to move so what are the best steps to take in preparing kids for a big move?

Tips that will help to prepare children for relocation

1. Tell them in advance

Every great journey begins with a step. The journey of moving with kids begins with telling the kids. That’s the first thing you should know on how to prepare for a big move. You can’t just wake up one morning, pack their stuff in the car and tell them you’re moving. This fire brigade approach would only lead to chaos as the screams of your kids could block your eardrum. To avoid this, sit them down during a weekend and explain everything to them in great detail. It’s better you pick a weekend, so you can have time to observe their actions and inactions after you spill the news.

2. Bring them to the new neighborhood

Most of the time, after you tell your kids you’re moving, they’ll ask “To where?” You should take their question a bit further by actually bringing them to the new neighborhood. If you can do that as soon as you’re telling them, do it. If you can’t, plan a trip and let them pick the day for you. If they have disagreed with you during the talking stage, it’s normal for them to throw tantrums or downgrade the neighborhood. Do not make the mistake of reacting in a harsh manner or scolding them. If you must say something, say it with love and as calmly as possible.

3. Prepare them in advance

Now that they know they are moving, don’t sit and wait until it’s D-Day.  You need to prepare them by packing their boxes little by little. You can also do it together with them for fun. Create an empty room that is close to the door of the house and start piling up your loads there. This will help you prevent any major or minor injury that usually occurs during moving. You should also make your moving day strategy, such as which bags will go in the car first, and how it’ll be arranged. If you feel like you are out of time for this, you can get help from an affordable moving company that can offer you the best deal and moving services. While preparing your kids, maintain your regular schedule.  Go to work and let them still be going to school. 

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4. Show them love and support

Another thumb rule on how to move with kids is to show them love and support. You need to take your time to observe and understand them. In fact, this is the best period for you to bring them gifts or whatever they like when you’re coming back home. It’s a means of telling them you care about how they feel. Another way to show them support (if you’ve not paid for the new house) is to drive them to the neighborhood and let them choose for themselves. As little as they are, they also know what they want. If what they picked is good, proceed to complete the necessary formalities. If it isn’t, explain to them why you can’t pick the house, and explain with love.

5. Give them some important tips

Before moving, you need to let them know some important stuff to prepare them, such as telling their friends in their current neighborhood and school that they are moving. You should let them know that once in a while, you’ll bring them to come and visit their old neighborhood and friends. This tip works like magic, as it’ll help them understand that they are not severing ties permanently with their old buddies.

The final thoughts

There you have it, our five best steps in preparing children for a move. Tell them they may call their pals whenever they want as well. They’ll get used to the new neighborhood over time, and everything will resume as normal.



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