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How to Plan A Road Trip Across Europe

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Tips on Planning a Europe Road Trip in 2022

Traveling to Europe is a great way to take your mind off your present troubles, recharge your batteries after a tough few months of work, or to reconnect with family or friends differently.

While you can travel to parts of Europe in style, such as flying a private charter and staying in the best hotels, there are also other ways to experience this continent.

One of the most charming ways to see Europe (after you get a healthcare screening and comply with COVID-19 protocols) is to travel by road. A European road trip allows you to see smaller towns and cities, experience local charms, and discover wonders you may not have known about.

Below are a few tips on planning a European road trip in 2022.

Check Highway Vignette Laws

One of the most important steps in preparing for a road trip throughout Europe is understanding the highway vignette or toll laws in various countries. A highway vignette is a pass you can place on the inside of your car windshield, which provides access through multiple highways and major roads in Europe.

The problem emerges as you go through Europe and realize that not every country has the same laws. For instance, Croatia has tolls on all its major highways, while Austria has a vignette along with tolls for specific roads. If you fail to pay when traveling along a route that accepts highway vignettes, you may end up with a ticket and a 300 euro fine.

Understand Blood Alcohol Limits

Another inconsistency as you drive through Europe emerges with respect to blood alcohol limit laws. While abstaining from drinking when driving is the best policy, knowing how many drinks you can consume before getting behind the wheel is valuable information.

Some countries have laws where you can afford to have one or two glasses of wine and then drive an hour or two later. However, some nations have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol and driving. The Czech Republic is one example, as you may get a fine or be subject to arrest if you are caught driving even after consuming a single drink.

As you pass through various European countries, look up their blood alcohol content laws before driving.

Get an International License

If you reside in Europe and are planning a road trip through the continent, you can likely get away with only your national driver’s license. However, anyone visiting from the United States should have an international driver’s license to accompany their state license.

Applying for an international license is relatively simple, but you should do so at least one or two months before your trip. Having such a license makes it a lot easier to rent a car, drive throughout Europe without any worries, and purchase car insurance while motoring there.

Avoid Being Overly Ambitious

Having a car does not mean you can visit every single city or landmark in Europe, even within a few weeks. Many people make the mistake of planning trips to several cities a day, each day for their European road trip. Such a plan may not allow you enough time to enjoy each place you visit properly, and you may also run out of steam after a few days.

Seeing twenty or thirty cities is tempting, but if you are only spending a few hours in each place, are you even getting the whole experience? People who speak about their experiences after such a road journey often comment that they preferred spending more time in a single city, instead of seeing several cities each day.

As you plan out your trip, keep to a limit of one city per day. That allows you to include the places you are desperate to visit. If you do want to add more cities to your schedule at the last minute or on the day itself, you can always do so. However, having a less ambitious itinerary can take a lot of the pressure away from such a trip.

Plan Out Your Itinerary

Having a coherent plan for your road trip is the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

While having a car does allow you to take detours and slightly change plans, having a rough idea of where you will visit, how many days you will spend in each area, and where you will stay makes the journey more comfortable.

Come up with the relevant plans with everyone who is going on the trip, as that allows you to focus on having a great time when the adventure begins.


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