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How To Save Money On Taking Care Of Your Clothes

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There are many things you should take good care of in life and two of those things are yourself and your clothes. Clothes are essential and you need to make them last otherwise you’ll end up spending more money on buying new ones.

Taking care of your clothes allows them to last longer so that they perform better,  you look better and you save money. It doesn’t require a lot of money to take care of your clothing collection. In this guide, we’ll break down how to save money on taking care of your clothes.

Wash your clothes less

Washing your clothes less not only means you spend less money, but it’s also better for your clothes too. Of course, using the washing machine less often is going to save you a fortune on your energy bills, especially with the soaring energy costs in the UK today. The average washing machine uses £0.27 of electricity per cycle. Whether you are washing shirts for men or your work uniform – every wash adds up.

Simply washing your clothes less will save you money but this guide is about taking care of your clothes, right? Well, washing your clothes repeatedly can damage the fabrics, discolour them, affect their size and cause them to wear out eventually. If you cut down on washing, you’ll cut down on costs while also better-taking care of your clothes. Limit how much you wash your clothes and only wash them when they need cleaning and you have a full load ready to be set away in the washing machines.

Lower the temperature when washing

Another way to further reduce washing costs is to wash your clothes at lower temperatures. To keep fabrics clean and supple and to avoid colour fading, wash your garments at a moderate temperature using a mild and natural laundry detergent. Washing your laundry at 30 degrees or less helps better protect your clothing while minimising costs and emissions.

Air-dry your clothes

Tumble dryers are a modern man’s invention that isn’t all that necessary. The traditional way to dry clothing is to hang it out on the dryer, but unfortunately, it rains a lot in the UK. If you can’t air dry your clothes, you could dedicate a space in the home such as the conservatory for hanging out and drying your clothes. Alternatively, if you have the heating on, don’t waste the opportunity to hang out any damp clothes on your radiators. Much like the washing machine, every time you use the tumble dryer, you’re spending more money and adding to your energy bill.

Become an expert in stain removal

There is nothing worse than staining your beloved clothes and not being able to get rid of stains when you wash your clothing. You don’t always have to go out and buy the most expensive stain-removing kit out there or even fork out money for a brand-new shirt or item of clothing when you accidentally stain them. Instead, educate yourself on the different savvy ways of removing different types of stains from your clothes


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